The quick brown FOX jumped over the lazy DOG Sunday, Apr 9 2017 

The quick brown FOX jumped over the lazy DOG

Hello everyone,

A strange title, yes, and some among you may remember, as we used to write this short sentence when practicing our Calligraphy skills.

The simple reason for this is that this little phrase happens to contain all the letters of the Alphabet !

But today I chose this particular title because I want to  discuss the word lazy.

I am lazy

I am concerned that so many different people that I encounter, almost always say : “They are lazy“. Or  : “It’s laziness“.

This is when we are talking together over the current British problem of litter, among other things.

Here are some examples :



Litter on the seashore


  • So many people are tossing litter everywhere, that the Councils are spending an enormous amount of time and money, certainly too much time and money, in order to clean our Villages and Cities, our Counties and our Seashores.
  •  So many people are tossing litter everywhere, that it has become necessary to ask do-gooders to volunteer in order to pick up litter. They do so alone or in groups.
  •  So many people are tossing litter everywhere, that Nature is suffering enormously. For example our soils are now so polluted that they have become viscous and smelly. After that, the rain that used to be clear and refreshing, nowadays makes our hair and our clothes, our cars, our roofs, etc, gluey and sticky. And the rainfalls of course return to our soils. So, I, for one, would definitively not grow my vegetables in the current British soil !
  • So many people are tossing litter everywhere, that it has become a vast problem, an endemic, and the consequences are numerous, much more than I could ever write here, but it is very well documented on line.


Keep Britain Tidy


To coming back to the word lazy, I hear, and I observe of course, that litter is often thrown within very small distances to the public bins. When I say very small, it is very small, it can be just a 30cms, 50cms or one meter range.


Picking up litter


Litter is also the very troubling toss of cigarette butts everywhere. Not only it pollutes Nature, not only it is a fire hazard waiting to happen, but it is also very sad/ depressing that our little Children have to see this when they walk outside. We therefore invented the … pocket ashtray !  

Pocket ashtray-1-

Pocket ashtray-2-

Pocket ashtray-3-

But I have seen no one using a convenient pocket ashtray so far.

  Litter is also fly tipping, which is illegally dumping waste, anywhere, preferably in remote places. In the knowledge that the Regional Councils have organised large recycling centres, free to use in most Regions, and easy of access by car, and most people have a car.

When people are not fly tipping in Nature, they do so at Home, what they call Home, which is often a collective place, a community of people who live in Apartments or small Houses. Which means that the common bin areas of these places are repugnant, disgusting and foul smelling. It attracts Rats. There are a lot of Rats in Great Britain these days.


Unkept bin area-1-

Unkept bin area-2-


Leaving the subject of litter for a moment, there are other examples that can be associated with the word lazy.

  • People pay high fees to Property Managements to take care and supervise their collective Homes. That means that the Landlords do not personally deal with their own Property when a problem occurs. It is the collective money that does it. Residents could have their say, but when meetings are organised, they do not attend. They prefer to pay, and to not give a second thought about the environment where they live.
  • Workers have many tools but there is one that they never seem to possess : a broom. When they have completed their job, they usually leave behind : mud, plaster, cement, sand, wood flakes, small cut pieces, cigarette butts, etc. On the ground of the Properties that do not belong to them.
  • Tenants who rent a House do not bother to attend to the Garden of their Landlord. ( see Photo below ). It is a strange thing, because everyone benefit from a nicely tended Garden.
  • People take their Children to the local Nurseries, as young as one year old.
  • People take their Children to the Local Parks, and watch them have a good time in the Playgrounds that the Councils have built for them. Very seldom I see Parents imagining new games with their Children. The Grand Parents, I think, they still do it.
  • People take their car to be washed at the Local Carwash. I seldom see a person wash their own car.
  • People leave their Home, jump in their car that is parked just in front of the communal entrance door, ( therefore not in their garage or their own allotted parking space ), then do the trip, then come back, park the car there, and kick open the communal entrance door and go Home. Perhaps in the process they drop another cigarette butt just next to the communal ashtray, not in it, because it is easier to toss it in the Plants.
  • People do not really cook or invent recipes anymore. The local Take Aways are so much more convenient.
  • People do not tend to Green Plants in their Home nowadays.
  • People do not spend long evenings talking about interesting subjects.
  • People do not purchase Books.


Unattended garden

Take away food-1-

Take away food-2-

Cigarette butt

Etc, Etc. I am sure that you could add more facts to the list.

And of course, this is what I observe, but naturally, I won’t fall into a huge generalisation, and I won’t affirm that everyone is like this in Great Britain.

I just know that in my Childhood and my Youth in France, things were very different. For instance, I remember to this day the delicious homemade Fruit Tarts that we used to enjoy as a family. Fruits that were collected from our trees.

It is also because the theme of this Article is : “laziness“.

As a Philosopher, I pondered on this word : “lazy“. And I started to ask questions.

Because there must be an anomaly somewhere.

As it is impossible that suddenly, for the youngest people among us, ( I mean less than 50 something like that ), a generation is becoming massively and in number, lazy ?

Actually I think that it is the opposite.

Those people are overworked.

I have observed that they are constantly on the go, for this and for that, rushing there, and having to do this and that. They do everything speedily. And I have also observed that when they come back from a short ( and also expensive ) holiday abroad, or even, for instance, after Christmas, they look exhausted, especially the Children. Their holidays being always too short and too busy and too straining.

So they are overworked, too engaged physically. Why ?

Because they have to face a limitless amount of obligations/ chores/ roles, on a daily basis.

 They have to fulfil so many demands

 The Children also have to fulfil so many demands.

It is about executing, bringing to completion, achieving, learning, doing, competing, performing, complying with, and satisfying whoever/ whatever is placed above them.

And that which is placed above them, very often, is money.

This ruins their quality of life.

Overworked people

Their World is slowly but surely becoming more and more restricted and regulated.

( see my Article called : “The VALOUR of money” )

So from this, then, we can understand that bin problems, or litter problems, or parking problems, for instance not parking in their own allotted parking space, can become the least of their concerns.

Having said that, if we want Great Britain to return to be great again, perhaps the answer/ solution is to begin to spare/ relieve our younger generations, Children/ Youngsters/ and Young Adults, and to offer them once more a life worth living.

A life worth living would include more Time, more Space, and more Playfulness, Creativity, Affection, Nature, Promenades, … and Fruit Tarts made at home !

Tarte aux mirabelles

Therefore the proper word is not lazy or laziness, but lassitude.  

Lassitude is weariness or being weary.

Here is a very interesting study of the word weary with its anonyms and antonyms. The study explains a lot of things.

1 he arrived home weary after cycling several miles: tired, tired out, worn out, exhausted, fatigued, overtired, sleepy, drowsy, wearied, sapped, dog-tired, spent, drained, jet-lagged, played out, debilitated, prostrate, enervated, jaded, low; informal all in, done (in/up), dead, dead beat, dead tired, dead on one’s feet, asleep on one’s feet, ready to drop, fagged out, burnt out, bushed, worn to a frazzle, shattered; Brit. informal knackered, whacked; N. Amer. informal pooped, tuckered out. ANTONYMS energetic, fresh.
2 she was weary of their constant arguments: tired of, fed up with, bored with/by, sick of, sick and tired of, jaded with/by, surfeited with/by, satiated by, glutted with/by; (be weary of) have had enough of; informal have had a basinful of, have had it up to here with, have had something up to here. ANTONYMS enthusiastic.
3 the weary journey began: tiring, exhausting, wearying, fatiguing, enervating, draining, sapping, stressful, wearing, trying, crushing; demanding, exacting, taxing, challenging, burdensome, arduous, gruelling, punishing, grinding, onerous, difficult, hard, tough, heavy, laborious, back-breaking, crippling, strenuous, rigorous, uphill. ANTONYMS refreshing, enjoyable.
1 she was wearied by her persistent cough: tire, tire out, fatigue, wear out, overtire, exhaust, drain, sap, wash out, tax, overtax, enervate, debilitate, enfeeble, jade, incapacitate, devitalize, prostrate; informal whack, bush, shatter, frazzle, wear to a frazzle, poop, take it out of, fag out, do in, knock out; Brit. informal knacker. ANTONYMS refresh.
2 this must be stated again at the risk of wearying the reader: bore, tire, make fed up; irk, irritate, exhaust someone’s patience, annoy, exasperate, get on someone’s nerves; informal get to. ANTONYMS interest.
3 her friend had also wearied of the struggle: tire of, become/get weary of, become/get tired of, become/get fed up with, become/get fed to death with, become/get bored with/by, become/get satiated with, become/get jaded with, become/get sick of, become/get sick to death of, sicken of; have had enough of, have had a surfeit of, have had a glut of; informal become/get bored of, have had something up to here.



And also this word.

mean, miserly, niggardly, close-fisted, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, ungenerous, penurious, illiberal, close, grasping, Scrooge-like, stinting, sparing, frugal; informal tight-fisted, stingy, tight, mingy, money-grubbing, skinflinty; N. Amer. informal cheap; Brit. vulgar slang tight-arsed, tight as a duck’s arse; archaic near. ANTONYMS generous, extravagant, lavish

Because this is not only about money.

This is about a generosity of soul, of spirit, a generosity of heart, a generosity that is willing to pay attention and care. A generosity that is willing to run the extra mile, in a context where everyone have probably given up already. A generosity that loves life, and a generosity that loves joy and happiness. A generosity with an open hand that can work and play with others for free.

Unfortunately, nowadays, it is hard, problematic, punishing to be so generous.

People live behind their closed door.

They go from their door to their car and then go from their car to their door.

They are suspicious / annoyed of anyone who does not belong to their immediate clan, company and family.

Their idea of fun is often calamitous, damaging, destructive, brutal, rude, hostile and vicious. To themselves or to others.

I hardly hear any laughter around me anymore.

Clenched Purse.

PS : I met a Police Community Officer on the other day, and we talked.

He told me : “when I see someone drop litter, I say to them, you have dropped something, please pick it up”.

“You are not fining them ?” I asked.

His reply was : “if I see them do it for a second time, then, I will fine”.

The matter is that those Police Community Officers, walk alone in the streets.

If they charge someone dropping litter with a fine that is now a heavy fine of £150, (2018), in an area that is likely to be an area where anti social behaviour is prevalent, they could meet with consequences/ retaliation. 


My solutions are straightforward :


  • The Councils should clean our streets and our roads and our county sides and our beaches. We pay them to do so.
  • If it is becoming too expensive, then the Councils should take measures.
  • For instance, everywhere in the Country, there should be (fake ?) CCTVs placed high on solid poles and pillars with a clear notice saying : litterers will be prosecuted. Or something equivalent.
  • A lot of adult litterers do their mischief during the night, alas. So, we could install high and solid pillars and posts that respond to human presence thanks to sensitive light bulbs, that would reveal as well the presence of a CCTV (fake ?).
  • Youngsters, Students, School boys and girls are the worst litterers. Because so far, they can get away with it. So, they should be told by their Teachers/ Headmasters/ Employers that from now on, Police Community Officers are going to be present in many places, streets, etc, but without wearing their uniform. So unrecognisable, it could be anyone. And as soon as they see someone toss rubbish, the Police Community Officers will immediately act on the spot, and impose a heavy fine.
  • Portable and convenient ashtrays should be on sale everywhere in towns, cities, resorts, etc. And the employers should make it compulsory to all their members of staff who are smokers to have one and to use one. And that includes all the “one man in a van” workers. 
  • Last but not least, heavy and large bins, well designed, aesthetic, and practical, should multiply in number everywhere in the Country.


In my time, when we were young, we were sanctioned when we behaved badly. It did not kill us. But of course it was never funny. We did not like it.

So from an early age, we restrained from being wild and silly, selfish, because we knew that there would be unpleasant consequences.

Of course, that was during our youth.

Later, we grew in maturity and we learned how to be responsible citizens.

But the basis were there, we had been familiarised with the sound basis.

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them and do nothing.” Albert Einstein.

Take care.

PS : we had our old ways, and it worked.

Nowadays, they have new ways, and it may work too !





2015 was a tough year Friday, Jan 1 2016 

Hello dear Friends and Visitors, I have reached 39.790 views today, the Joy of sharing my “Philosophie” continues. 2015 was a tough year in more ways than one. I thank all who came by to enjoy my varied and thought provoking Articles. At my Website, there are Games, Music, and Videos as well.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,600 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 60 trips to carry that many people.

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TOUGHNESS versus Gentleness Monday, Aug 10 2015 


Hard as a ROCK

Hard as a ROCK

Hello everyone,

During the Summer 2015 in particular, Europe went through tough times related to immigration.

Hundred of thousands of people landed in Greece, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, France, Great Britain, and other European countries.

The opinions were not that divided, as the great majority of people described this as an invasion.

And rather skeptical about the real reasons behind this invasion, the great majority of people expressed anger, antipathy, objection, disapproval and mostly frustration before what they called too much “Softness” from the Authorities who did not seem to control the situation.

Take them back to where they came from !” they shouted.

It was overwhelmingly hard times, especially for the locals who lived in fear and were not able to continue business as usual. Thinking of Calais and Dover, for instance.

So it was a situation that one can describe as :

TOUGHNESS versus Gentleness

I read :

TOUGHNESS : “being strong, resilient, hard, severe, firm, rigorous, inflexible, uncompromising, rigid, authoritarian, even relentless and draconian

Gentleness : “being soft, easy, sympathetic, lenient, tolerant, loose and imprecise, moderate, liberal, tolerant, benevolent, even light and weak

Those words help us to understand what is going on in our Times.

I explained here in the long Article called : “It is about TIME“, that we moved into the new Capricorn Period in 2010, leaving behind the previous Sagittarius Period that had started in 1920.

Which means that now Capricorn is the House I of the World, therefore in full progressing stage, when Sagittarius is now the House XII of the World, therefore in full declining stage.

The key words related to Capricorn are very much those of TOUGHNESS.

China and Islam, for instance, are Capricorn.

And we are nowadays experiencing : a Police State, a Nany State, a Big Brother State, were everything is under restraint, control, surveillance, ( cameras everywhere for instance ) and transparency, ( even our Supermarkets plastic bags became transparent ! ) and where we are observed and supervised and traced down every minutes of our lives almost, using very elaborated new technological devices. It feels like we are moving into an austere robotic existence.

This new Capricorn Period is in the context of the new Aquarius grand Era.


What a contrast with the key words of Sagittarius which are very much those of Gentleness.

North America is Sagittarius.

During the good progressive time of Sagittarius, from 1950 to 1980 in particular, people were encouraged to be free, independent, at liberty, generous, liberal, benevolent and bountiful in all the things of their lives.

This very much influenced Europe, as Europe is Gemini, therefore on the Polarity : Sagittarius/ Gemini.

This Sagittarius Period took place during the decline of the former Pisces grand Era.

I believe that ISIS strategically feeds off the mistakes and vulnerabilities of the very democratic western states they decry.” Chelsea E Manning


Now, next, why is Great Britain being  “invaded” ?

Because Great Britain is now the House IX of the World, which corresponds to Sagittarius and Jupiter.

Therefore TOUGHNESS versus Gentleness is needed, say the people of Great Britain !

The new Authority


The tremendous turmoil in the explosive Middle East regions is the cause of this new “Diaspora” : the dispersion of people from their original homeland.

Europe is given moral lessons about racism and global interdependence but Europe is in fear, as everyone recognize/ feel the growth of an Ominous Atmosphere and its numerous implications.

People are shouting their consternation, distress, and worries everywhere.

The Authorities would be wise to prepare for more attacks and kidnappings, or needless deaths could occur. A furious conflict has erupted over Religion and Moral Principles, and it could last up to 2020 and beyond.

I read :

There might be a danger that the global responsibility might be sacrificed to materialism again. This could be a recurring challenge in the Twenty First Century.

No matter how many “enlightened measures” are taken, it will not be enough to quell the periodic eruptions of discontent among people struggling to live in what may be a depleted and endangered World. In 2019, there will be many escalating ethnic conflicts over natural resources. Early 2020, disputes will center over land, taxes, resources and liquids, and will be accompanied by religious pontifications. A conflict in 2020 will have its roots in the brewing conflicts over natural resources erupted in 2019, this confrontation being the ultimate challenge to our desire to master and plunder the Earth and dominate people. People will have to find ways to “get high” naturally, “get back to the land” and “rebuild nature”. America will promote health and land reform all over the World

Beyond 2020, America may be counting their blessings that they don’t live in Asia, where rumblings of war is constantly disrupting the New World Order.

After 2020, people will look at the history of the thirty years since the New World Order arrived and will wonder why the “last remaining superpower” should stay standing. Has Europe, for instance, become too filled to the brim and cumbersome to meet everyone’s needs ? Can we all get along ? and the answer will be : “no”.

The flood of refugees and immigrants over the last three decades, ( and especially since the great crisis of 2010-2011 ) will have exacerbated ethnic and religious conflicts everywhere. A “multi-cultural” nation so divided may not be able to hold together. Having ditched the old “melting pot”, we may be boiling mad at each other from separate pots.

Militants and separatists cults that have formed and grown  during the last thirty years will seriously threaten the peace.

From E. Alan Meece in “Horoscope for the new Millennium” a recommended reading.

OMINOUS Atmosphere

OMINOUS Atmosphere


Here are my Oracles/Predictions for 2016 and 2017 :



Uranus/Aquarius, the TOWER, a Great Fall, Unexpected Events, Surprise, Sudden Changes, Daily Life being Shaken up, Powerful Impact, Sweeping Forces, Demolition, Revelation, Insight, seeing everything in a Flash, new Level of Understanding, getting the Answer, Snap, Waking up, Pride/ the “Know It All” experiencing a Pitfall, toppling from the Height, Insurgence, Revolution, sudden Crisis, Disruption, Eruption, Experiencing Upheaval, Storms, Thunder Bolts, the Sky, the Cosmos, Electricity, Nuclear Energy, Tremendous Release, Quakes and Shatters from the Foundations, forced into a new Direction, swift Changes, the Breaking down of an Outworn Sense of Values, a Sudden Shock that is a Blessing in Disguise, Rebellious Attitude, Life turned Upside Down, Things cannot carry on as before, the Sun/Leo/Lion/Royal itself will be affected.



The STAR of Hope. In the Coran, we are told of the STARS : “they serve also as a guard against every rebellious Satan”. So the STAR in 2017 will balance the Evil effects of the Upheavals and Chaos that took place since 2015, as the Eternal Spark cannot be extinguished. Very positive Changes are indicated. A renewed Optimism toward the Future. A sense of Relief and Calm. The promise of a better To-morrow. A young Woman may play an inspiring role. But even though the STAR is inspiring, it is not yet the practical Solution or the final Answer. All the Harshness, Density and Tension have been replaced with Refinement. After an overwhelming Grief and Despair we feel blessed, and we turn our eyes Heavenward. Physical and Mental wounds heal, Vitality and Confidence are restored, new Horizons open up. Cosmic and Cosmological endeavours.





Take care.

The PSYCHOLOGY of FEAR Sunday, Jan 11 2015 

Hello everyone,

Here are my Oracles/Predictions for 2015 and 2016, which were written I promise, early November 2014.


A DEVIL year, Pan, the Goat, the Beast, the Monster, Devil or Evil acts, Terror, Chains, Entrapment, Horror, being Frightened, Fear, Hopelessness, being Controlled and Restricted, Darkness and Shadow, staying in the Dark, Submission, Obsessed by, lack of Joy, believing the Worst, foreseeing a Bleak Future, Unhealthy/ non Productive, seeing a Cold World, being taken by Appearances, Duality/ Couple/ Genders/ Separations, being kept Apart, Divisions, Disasters, Destruction and War, Satanic, Demonic, Negative situations, Lust, Passions of the Flesh, Spitefulness, Hell, Punishments, Chatiments, Tortures.


Uranus/Aquarius, the TOWER, a Great Fall, Unexpected Events, Surprise, Sudden Changes, Daily Life being Shaken up, Powerful Impact, Sweeping Forces, Demolition, Revelation, Insight, seeing everything in a Flash, new Level of Understanding, getting the Answer, Snap, Waking up, Pride/ the “Know It All” experiencing a Pitfall, toppling from the Height, Insurgence, Revolution, sudden Crisis, Disruption, Eruption, Experiencing Upheaval, Storms, Thunder Bolts, the Sky, the Cosmos, Electricity, Nuclear Energy, Tremendous Release, Quakes and Shatters from the Foundations, forced into a new Direction, swift Changes, the Breaking down of an Outworn Sense of Values, a Sudden Shock that is a Blessing in Disguise, Rebellious Attitude, Life turned Upside Down, Things cannot carry on as before, the Sun/Leo/Lion/Royal itself will be affected. Violet, purple colours.

 Will it be the end of the “Tower of Babylon”, that is the EU ?

So we can see how a PSYCHOLOGY of FEAR is taking place.

And it started in FRANCE – Leo /Aquarius – early January 2015 with the Charlie Hebdo attacks, ( Islam is Capricorn /Cancer and Hebraism is Gemini /Sagittarius, and the Middle East is Taurus /Scorpio ), FRANCE being currently the House VIII of the World, in the context of the new Capricorn Period within the great new Aquarius Era.

  • EUROPE -Gemini /Sagittarius- is currently the House VI of the World, therefore always in Partnership with AMERICA
  • AMERICA -Sagittarius /Gemini- is currently the House XII of the World
  • RUSSIA -Scorpio /Taurus- is currently the House XI of the World
  • MIDDLE EAST -Taurus /Scorpio is currently the House V of the World
  • ITALY -Libra /Aries- is currently the House X of the World
  • GERMANY -Aries /Libra- is currently the House IV of the World
  • ENGLAND -Virgo /Pisces- is currently the House IX of the World. Immigration/ growth/ expansion/ transport/ justice/ legal issues/ tolerance /education are going to be a problem. It may feel like an “invasion” a “too much”. And interestingly, as the House IX corresponds to Jupiter and Sagittarius, in England the Women of all ages, younger and older, are suffering from a serious gain of weight. It affects mainly Women because the House VIII of Sagittarius is in Cancer. Too much Vitamin E and Oestrogen in English food.
Vitamin E

Vitamin E

  • INDIA -Pisces /Virgo is currently the House III of the World
  • FRANCE -Leo /Aquarius- is currently the House VIII of the World
  • EGYPT is -Leo /Aquarius- and the “V” stands for the Nile
  • AUSTRALIA – Aquarius /Leo is currently the House II of the World, and its neighbours
  • AFRICA -Cancer /Capricorn- is currently the House VII of the World
  • CHINA -Capricorn /Cancer- is currently the House I of the World, and works in Partnership with AFRICA : 


There was 17 people murdered in Paris : 17 = 1+7 = 8

Next, let us explain a bit more about the House VIII :

The House VIII corresponds to the late Period of Scorpio between 1830 and 1920, but at that time it was in the context of the great Pisces Era.

The House VIII corresponds to the Planet Pluto.

The Key Words of the House VIII are :  esotericism – secret – hidden – clandestine – underground – encoded – concealed – mysterious – dangerous – explosive – treacherous – unsafe – does not forgive, does not forget – revengeful – vicious – murder – peril – darkness – losses – Psychology – Psychoanalysis – Hypnotism – Magnetism – the creation of Monsters – drugs and addiction – poisons and viruses – mushrooms – self destructive /destruction – decomposition – hallucination – crime – investigation and inspection – scrutiny – secret agencies – prisons – dark places – seclusion – death – fear – sexual organs – volcano – dejection – hell – pain – martyr – victim – sacrifice – transformation – regeneration – resurrection.

The opposite and partner of the House VIII is the House II, and it corresponds to the Planet Venus and Taurus.

Here are few Key Words for the House II : exotericism – money and earnings – gains – banks – financial management – work and labour – means and resources – substances, materials and products – calm, fixed and static – the physical – the physical body – merchants and farmers – harvests – nature and the environment – the earth/ the lands – farm animals – vines and orchards and fields – horticulture – gardeners – potters and ceramics – builders – Chefs and their cuisine – degustation and good taste – the Opera and their Tenors – the Ballets.

So you can see that the House II is very productive and useful, open and clear, colourful, offering many gratifications and rewards. This is were things from the earth grow.

When the House VIII, by contrast, is destructive, dark and secretive, polluted, leading to many losses and even death. It is the House of grief.

Therefore FRANCE is currently suffering. Here are some quotes taken after the events of the 7th, 8th, and 9th January 2015 in FRANCE :

( The months of July and August and September in 2015, are likely to be tremendous and very difficult : watch out )

“France is a country with a freedom of speech, it has a big history and to think in a country like France you can die today because of your ideas and the way you want to speak is absolutely shocking. Our ideas are bigger than us, we are capable of defending that value wherever it is threatened.”


Charlie Hebdo -1-

Charlie Hebdo -1-


The President Francois Hollande speech :

“Mr Hollande told the nation: “I call you all to be vigilant, to remain united and remain mobilised. Vigilance is something the state must demonstrate.

Make sure that we can live quietly without – at any time – being the object of the threat of a risk. However, we have to be vigilant.

I ask you to remain united – it’s our best weapon. It shows we are determined to fight against anything that can divide us. We must not be divided.

We must also mobilise to answer to these attacks, through force when we have to, but we must also do this through solidarity.”

The UEFA President Michel Platini : 

“I hope at the moment that the whole country is united and I hope it will not create a divided country, the consequences of that would be terrible.”


Charlie Hebdo-2-

Charlie Hebdo -2-



“The Prime Minister David Cameron is to join French President Francois Hollande at a national unity rally in Paris on Sunday, which has been called in the wake of the massacre of journalists at Charlie Hebdo magazine.”

“Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right Front National, has protested that her party has not been invited to take part, saying: “They say that the Front National are not welcome to a meeting where every other party is invited. There is no longer national unity, it’s disappeared because of their actions.”

The French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told reporters:

“The events show how great the challenge we are facing is, and the violence the terrorists are capable of.

We have mobilised our forces, we have trained them, we have kept in touch with our partners in the European Union, to be more efficient in our fight against terrorism.”

Nick Snook, from Cambridge :

“Nick Snook was in the Club Med gym before Amedy Coulibaly, took several hostages at Jewish-run Hyper Cacher supermarket.

He said : Seeing it all happen was a strange feeling, I wasn’t really afraid, it was more surreal.

There is a huge Arab-speaking population here and the attacks are threatening to divide an already simmering community.

Perhaps scariest of all, nobody knows how the aftermath of the attacks will play out.”

Nick also told how despite the attacks putting Paris on lockdown, the community is still strong and united.

He added : The terror alert is high because we have been told to be aware of any copycat attacks happening.

But the people here are pretty defiant, everyone feels the same way.

There are Je Suis Charlie stickers everywhere in shop windows, homes and there is a strong sense of unity.”


Charlie Hebdo-3-

Charlie Hebdo -3-


School Girls in Paris :

“Du débat avec leur professeur d’anglais, Nadia et Laura, collégiennes de 4e, reconnaissent ne pas avoir tout saisi. « Il nous a parlé d’une France coupée en deux, entre croyants et pas croyants… ou que les terroristes voulaient diviser la France »,

“Paris police said the turnout ( Paris – Place of the Republic – 11 January 2015 ) was “without precedent” and too large to count. One organizer said he had indications it could be between 1.3 and 1.5 million people. Some commentators said the last street presence in the capital on this scale was at the Liberation of Paris from Nazi Germany in 1944.”

See the images here :

Within the quotes above, I have put on Bold the words that are related to union and division. This is because the DEVIL’s intention is precisely to divide and separate.

I leave you with a Video that I created, with my Music, some years ago. Its aim is to illustrate the Mystery of Duality /Opposites / Division /and Separation and Reconciliation :

Take care.


2013 was an amazing year Tuesday, Dec 31 2013 

Hello dear Friends and Visitors,

I have reached 33,580 Views today ! The Joy of sharing my “Philosophie” continues.

2013 was an amazing year, in more ways than one.

I thank all who came by and enjoyed reading my Articles, listened to my Music, and had a good time with the Games, etc.

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SUPERSTITION Wednesday, May 29 2013 

Hello everyone !


This is ( was ) the year 2013 !!


Number 13 photo metal13.jpg


Number 13 is bad luck.


It has been traditionally connected with Friday and with Death. 

It is said that having 13 people seated at a table will result in the death of one of the diners.

Jesus died on a Friday.

And Judas the Traitor became the 13th Apostles, as he was replaced later by Matthias.


Also the number 13 is the one that irreverently continues the counting after the “Divine “ number 12.


In Numerology, the number 12 is considered the number of completeness, as reflected in the 12 months of the year, 12 Signs of the Zodiac, 12 hours of the clock, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles of Jesus, 12 gods of Olympus, etc, whereas the number 13 is considered irregular, transgressing this completeness.


For instance, there are 12 Solar months in the Gregorian calendar year, whereas there are 13 lunar Cycles in the year.

Our Western World has been deeply shaped around the age old worship of the Sun, or whatever bright Star it is.

It started in Egypt. Egypt is a Leo Country and functions on the Leo/Aquarius polarity.

Egyptians were great Astrologers, and they cultivated Psychic Powers. The Cosmos or the Night sky with its canopy of Stars used to fascinate them.


The very shape of our windows and of our houses reflect the number 12, or “Divine” number ! (4 X 3 = 12)

Something to do with the SUN.


Window 12


And I can assure you that there is so much more, all around us, everywhere, that represent in Imagery and Symbols, this “Divine” number 12.

For a purpose.


Ok;  this is about Superstition.


My Rosicrucians used to say : forget about Superstition.


Well I cared to disagree : there is a LOT of Wisdom in Superstitions. 

They seat deep in our Collective Unconscious. And therefore supersede the power of our individual Consciousness.

And it is wise to take heed.


Let us listen to Dion Fortune :


The factor of the Group Mind is an exceedingly important key to the understanding of human problems.

Constantly a highly concentrated and highly energized  Group is being built up.

A Magician is able to build a potent Thought Form, or Artificial Elemental.

Exactly the same process that leads to the formation of an Artificial Elemental by a Magician takes place when a number of people concentrate with emotion on a single object. They make and Artificial Elemental, vast and potent in proportion to the size of the crowd and the intensity of its feeling.

The more the crowd concentrates upon its object of emotion, the vaster it becomes.

The vaster it becomes, the stronger the individuals find their feelings intensified.

Whenever such continuity of attention and feelings has been brought about a Group Mind, the crowd no longer possesses the power to withdraw its attention or to disperse.

And each newcomer to the Group Mind enters into this potent atmosphere, and  either is absorbed into the Group, or rejects it, or is himself rejected.

There is no stopping the momentum of a movement which is moving along the lines of evolution.”




There are many Group Minds. Old or recent. They act as many FRACTALS. Each Human Being belong to a variety of Group Minds.


We are not alone, and every little things affect us : letters – words – numbers – shapes and patterns – symbols – colours – sounds – scents, etc.

Seen or unseen, perceived or not perceived, there are all around us and  this along many Keys or many levels of Vibration.


Now, your turn : do you believe it is bad luck to walk under a ladder ? Or to put your shoes on the table ? Or to open your umbrella inside the home ? 

Do you think it is good luck to see a Lady Bird ? Or to find a penny in the street ?

Do you agree that “an apple a day keeps the Doctor away “?

Do you say to your Friends : “never say never ?”


Well, myself, I say often : “when there is a will, there is a way “. Smile.


And I do not only find pennies in the street, I also find Diamonds !


After that, no Picture ! No Picture of the number 13, or of the Tarot Card  : “Death”, the Major Arcana number XIII.

Why ?

I am not tempting Superstition !

I would not give a pair of Scissors, or a Knife, (even a decorated one to cut paper for instance), to a Friend, as it “cuts” friendship.

I would not give handkerchieves to a Friend, as it brings sadness and sorrow.

I would not give an empty purse to a Friend, as it brings financial ruin.



So here instead, as we are moving toward SUMMER, the most Flowerly Month of our Western year, here  are some beautiful Flowers.

They will bring a breeze of fresh air to this rather heavy and long Assignment.




Orange Roses








Summer Roses




Take care.

And such were my Oracles/Predictions once upon a time :



Life in suspension, Love, Compassion, Care, Altruism, Pain, Sorrow, Tears, Illnesses and Ailments (particularly Bones, Skin, Teeth), Hospitals and Prisons, Death, Exile, Separation, Good Byes, Exclusion, Ostracism, Solitude, Silence, Peace, Acceptance, Humility, Mysticism, Aspiration, Idealism, Sensibility, Faith, Religion, Prayer, Meditation, the All and Oneness, Spiritual Strength, Surrender, Magic, Secrets, Goddesses and Witches, Rituals and Sacrifices, the Night, the Sea, Coast lines, Water and Rain, Islands, the Roots, the Ancients, Cultures and Traditions, the Ancestry, the Family, Woman Heroism, Mother Heroism, the Past, the Nostalgia, Africa, India, Ireland, the British Isles. Pastels colours.



Issues around Death, Transformation, inexorable Forces, inescapable Changes, Reforms, Replacements, Shedding of old Ways, Endings, in Suspension, in Abeyance, Limbos, Voids, Empty Spaces, Blindness, the Zero Zone, Waiting, Things on Ice, on Hold, Things put in a Cold Storage, a long dark Winter, Coldness, Greyness, a long dark Tunnel, Delaying and Postponing, lack of determination, Things or People who go Missing or Disappear, or who are cast Adrift, those who move Away and want to Forget, Departures, many parting of the Ways, Separations, Transition, Destructions, the Death of renown Personalities, putting Things Off, closing Down, completing a Chapter, Dark Colours, especially Black and Red but also Grey, White.



Hope for Temperance, Renewed Energy and Vigor, Recovering, Well Being, New Beginning, new Adventures, the Blessing of Devas and Angels, Nature, Weather, Animals, Dogs and Horses, Vehicles, Migration, Emigration, Immigration, long Flights, long Distances, the Navy, Reforms in Justice and in Education, Synthesis, Compromise, Negotiations, fostering Cooperation, Reconciliation, Balance, feeling Centered and Secure, Achievements, Satisfaction, Solutions and Results, Efficiency, Harvest, Rewards, being in a Position of Strength, creating Order, guiding Growth, sticking to a Plan, working Together, well rounded Personalities. Dark Blue, Orange colours.



GENERATIONS Wednesday, May 29 2013 

Hello everyone,


les générations se succedent et ne se ressemblent pas”.



Family one 

Family two


A Family

Family three


Family four




Family five


Family six


Family seven


Family eight


This is a French “dicton” or saying that conveys the idea that Generations after Generations, little Children are born, and grow up to be different from their Parents and Ancestors.


Why is that ?


There are exceptions of course, such as in the case of the Amish people and similar highly traditional Groups, where the Children and Youngsters follow the footsteps of their Cultural settings in a most dutiful and respectful way, Generations after Generations.


Amish people


Otherwise, it is not difficult to notice that we are not the same as the Members of our Family who were alive and young during the first decades of the XXth century, for instance.


Periods in Time succeed each one another, and affect the Generations likewise.

But what exactly does change ? Well …

  • The Language, the accents, the intonations, the idioms, the spelling, the Calligraphy and Typography.
  • The Fashion, the Pieces of Clothing, the material in which they are made, the tone of their colours, their shape and utility.
  • The Homes and their furniture, the equipment and tools.
  • The mode of Transportation and Communication.
  • The Jobs and Careers and Professional training.
  • The Education.
  • The Physical abilities such as in Sport.
  • The inspiration and sensitivity of the Artists.
  • The intelligence of the Academics. Etc.

It is absolutely correct that all these invariably alter and remodel themselves decades after decades.


Furthermore something else changes :

  • The Speed : the outer and the inner Speed, it has something to do with how the different vibratory level of frequencies influence our existence, and similarly affect both our nervous System and our Psychological make-up. And our Physical body also.
  • The Cell of our Physical Body. The Water that composes our Body. The all important Immune System, and the Genes, and even probably our DNA, and all our other Chemical components, especially in the Heart and Brain.
  • And Matter. Matter is going lighter and lighter.
  • And Light.
  • And Sound. Etc.

These changes have an enormous influence on our perception, and transform likewise the Generations who are naturally born into these, in the manner that they do not view themselves and the World around them the same way as their Ancestors did.

And they do not “move” in the World around them the same way as their Ancestors did.

I am referring here to both their outer and inner mouvement.


Consequently, we can witness an extraordinary metamorphose that has to do with :

  • Our Beliefs
  • Our Religions
  • Our Spirituality
  • Our highest Aspiration and sense of Mission, or Vocation.
  • Our Role Models
  • Our place in the World
  • Our deepest Understanding
  • Our Consciousness and Awareness

To see the future, look in the eyes of a little Baby.


Baby future


Decades after decades facts of life change and reshape themselves more or less radically.


As an Astrologer and Numerologist, I can figure out why and how.


Now, your turn : 

  • What is this Phenomenon called Time ? Or perhaps Time remains the same and our perception of it is different ?
  • Why is it that Generations after Generations things are never the same again ?
  • What is it that happened /influenced  our Ancestors in order for them to be like who they were ? Beliefs and what else ?
  • Why is there this very observable fact that the Generations after us won’t be like us ?
  • What is it that made the characteristics of the Generations you belong to ?
  • What do you think is your current Culture and Context ?

As for me, I am proud of my Ancestors. I was very lucky to be among the Family that I had.


And if I had been a Parent, I would currently be very impressed by my Children, certainly so.

Moreover, my Grand Parents did not experience my Future, but I did not experience their Past.

My Grand Parents would have probably been overwhelmed by the extraordinary changes that we are all experiencing nowadays.

And I would have been overwhelmed by the events that my Grand Parents lived through during their Time. My Great Aunty, for instance, was born in 1900.


Take care.

Many WORLDS Wednesday, May 29 2013 

Hello everyone,

The World is made of all kinds”.

The World

This is a little Aphorism I use quite often when I am working at my Comment Boxes.

For me, it is a very important understanding, and it is somewhat essential that we mentally and spiritually all veer in that direction, at this point in Time, in the History of Humanity : that we are not alone, and that we are all different.

Not only that, but that there are many Worlds.

Now, next, I would like our thoughts to be oriented in a multi-dimensional way.

Because it is too easy, although correct, to imagine it like this, for instance :

  • There are many Rooms in our Home, there are many Houses in our Neighbourhood, there are many Neighbourhoods in our City, there are many Cities in our Regions, our Country is made of many Regions, there are many Countries on the Planet Earth, there are many Planets in our Solar System, there are many Galaxies, there are many … etc.

Or may be not, “etc” at the end, as we are not too sure if it stops there or not ! Smile.

Ok; so what do I mean by “there are many Worlds” in a multi-dimensional way ?

As an example, one can see that the Zodiac Wheel has 12 Signs, and rotates clockwise or anticlockwise, ad libitum.


Next, what happens when the Wheel takes a Spiralling form … eh ?


The multi-dimensional form has something to do with our Inner Selves, much beyond this Right/Left and Up/Down Physical linear thing.

Like this :

  • Our Psychological Selves.
  • Our Soul Selves
  • Our Soul Homes
  • Our Cosmic Homes
  • The places of our Inner Visions
  • The places of our profound Beliefs
  • The places of our deepest Aspirations
  • The places of our Understanding


Because it is pretty obvious now, that all our Human Paradises are going to be different. And not similar indeed.

As I truly believe that :

The Christians will meet with Jesus in their Paradise, the Catholics with their ever smiling Lady Marie Mother of Christ, the Muslims with Allah and the Prophet Mohammed, Peace be upon Him, the Jews with their Messiah, reigning triumphant in the Promise Land, the Hindus with their Brahma and Rama, and other supremely delightful Blue Gods, the Jehovahs with their restored Earth Paradise, the Buddhists with their absolute Nirbana, and the pure and innocent with their Angels, and the Enlightened ones with their Masters and Guides, … etc.

Waking up


And this time, this “etc” is most appropriate, as the list is endless.

There are many Cosmic Worlds, oh yes.

But here my list was essentially Religion orientated. Although not everybody is Religious. There are many Cosmic Worlds that exist and that has nothing to do with Religions.

There is the World of Art and Creative Imagination.

There is the World of Music and Dance.

There is the World of Nature : Plants, Animals, Elementals and Fairies.

There is the Mythological World, and their truly extraordinary Stories.

There is the profound multi cultural World of Ethnicities, Cultures and Races.

There is the Abstract World, either Intellectual or Scientific.

There is the Extraterritorial World, and their Aliens and UFOs

There is the New Age World, with their Helpers and Healers, and transparent Worlds of Light !

Soaring Eagle

What else ? Where else? How else ? Who else ?

There are so many more, and I am aware that to describe each one of them with just one or two words like that, does not do them Justice.

I suggest that we visit today some of the most diverse Groups that are currently active at Facebook.

It is very easy to do.

And perhaps after that, come back to us here, and tell us about one or two Groups that caught your eyes, and stimulated your interest, in that manner : ”Gosh, I never thought a Group like that could exist at all !”


All this is food for thoughts, as some of us are currently pondering deeply about this “2012” strangest Phenomenon, that can be seen in a way as : OUR SOON TO BE RETURN HOME.

Where is HOME ?

I leave you with some Images to reflect upon :


From Empedocles

From Empedocles, a Greek Philosopher of the 5th century BC


This is how I see the Universe


This is how I see the Universe




Multi Dimensional






The circles of Pythagore


The circles of Pythagore


The Qabbalah Tree inside the circles of Pythagore


The Qabbalah Tree inside the circles of Pythagore


The Qabbalah Tree inside a circle or sphere



The Qabbalah Tree inside a circle or sphere







Take care

KNOW thyself Wednesday, May 29 2013 

Hello everyone,


Today, I am going to tackle a very important Subject within the space of not a too long Post, hopefully, bearing in mind that this Subject requires an entire Book, voire several Volumes, in order to be fully understood in its pertinence.


Ok; I am an Astrologer.




For me there is no tool compare to Astrology in the process of knowing oneself.

I remember the day that I discovered that I was a Leo. It was a life changing experience, because instead of walking beside my shoes, and imagining my character and position and role, and my ways vis-a-vis my Family and the  Society, I became … fully myself !

I embraced the new found energy that is particularly described when Astrology refers to the Sign of Leo.




In my unique way because each Chart is unique.

It is a very complex Wheel, and everything is important in their attribute and context and association.

There is no simplicity there, which means that my Sun first degree Leo in conjunction with Uranus and my Ascendant, is only one of a kind.

And its Flavour, Texture, Fragrance, Tone, and Air, depends on everything else that is in the Chart.

  • Planets and Asteroids
  • Signs
  • Houses 
  • Points 
  • Moon Nodes
  • Aspects
  • Degrees, Cusps and Decans
  • Elements, Modes and Qualities. Etc !


Complex Chart


Moreover a Chart is like a Fractal.

From the creation of it when we were born, everything in the Chart has been moving.

Everything in the Chart moves along different speeds and in different directions.

So we are not the same person, Astrologically speaking, that we were, let’s say, 9 years ago. 

The Cycle of 9 years is determinant. But it is not the only Cycle to be examined.

Each time the new Chart or Progressed Chart is studied, it is done always in the Context of the Chart of Birth.


POUF ! Are you still with me ? Smile.


Also, in a Chart, someone can find out about Past Lives.


The Hour of Conception can be easily found in that manner : just move the Ascendant position 90 degrees ahead.

For instance, an Ascendant first Degree Leo would have the Hour ofConception first Degree Scorpio.

And next, you read the new ascendant Chart one year at rear of course ! 

After that, tools such as “Oracles”, obtain amazingly accurate results because everything is in Synchro and in Connection.

The most famous of these “Oracles” tools are the Sabian Symbols.

The Past is what I am. 

And I am equally my Future. Smile.


For instance, when my Natal Venus in Gemini in the House XI, (my South Moon Node position), reached in its progression this first degree Sun in Leo, in 2003, believe me I felt it.

I say, “believe me” because it would be too long there to describe in detail, how and why and what, alas, but I just know that I was in the Theatre, and Music composition, as a Dandy in Europe in one of my Past Lives.

I am not saying this lightly, and I am not imagining it.

And some of you were , well … with me ! 

I know that a large part of my Family was, and few other Friends.

It is easy to recognise, as everything follow the same pattern, but on a higher turn of the Spiral, so to speak.


Another example, is all the good stuff that is happening to Hector Contreras, my Fiancé, since the World Uranus made its entrance in Aries, his Natal Sun Sign, in 2010 ! 

Square to the World Pluto in his Solar House X, and opposite World Saturn in his Solar House VII.

That says a lot, oh yes.


An individual Chart is an open Book for the trained eye.


The ability to see how everything is in Connection is immensely liberating.


And there are so many more tools, beside observing the fact that we are one with all the Stars in the Cosmos, toward the achievement of  knowing oneself :


  • Numbers , and their meaning. Your Life has a number, your Name has a number, your House has a number, your Car has a number, etc.


Numbers 22


  • Colours , and their meaning.


Colours 11


  • Shapes , and their meaning.
  • Sounds , and their meaning.




  • Graphology , it is like the observation of an expression beyond Words.


Jacques Chirac

  • Body Language , it makes use of the same “space” as in Graphology.
  • Morphopsychology , which is the study of the particular shape of the Body, and especially the Face.




  • The messages that we get from the Physical Body, with its aches and pains and varied ailments.
  •  Palmistry, and also Reflexology and Craniology.
  • Biorhythm, which is  the study of the particular Physical Cycles and Phases and Rhythms since we were born. These influence our Physical and Emotional and Intellectual well-being.




  • The messages that we get from our Subconscious, it is called Psychology, and or Psychosynthesis.
  • The messages that we get when meditating and looking through our Third Eye.
  • The messages that we get from Mediums and Clairvoyants.
  • The messages that we get from our own Psychic skills.
  • The messages that we get from the skill of Divination. Divination can use many tools : Bones, Dice, Dominoes, Cards, Runes, I-Ching with Coins, etc !


I Ching


  • Chinese Astrology, (I am a Fire Monkey, smile), and other forms of Astrology.
  • The reading of the actual state of our Aura and Chakras.
  • The amazing varied Synchronicities that we encounter in life.
  • Objects,  and all the small and larger Items that reach us on a daily basis, why this shape, why this colour, why now … and at times they disappear, for a reason.
  • Nature, therefore Rocks, Plants and Animals. They all have a special message to tell. They are  governed and overseen by Fairies and Devas and therefore deserve ALL our respect.
  • Dreams, and their symbolic significance, both individual and collective.
  • Past Life Regression, and anything else that we encounter when we are in a state of awareness and Trance.

And so forth and so on.


The list is long because everything can tell us about everything else, precisely because of this Sacred Connection.

And no one is the “enemy” of any one, it is just that Life on Earth, as we know it, is perpetually renewing itself, therefore constructs AND destructs, lives AND dies, etc. 


All Is Well.


Take care.

PROJECTION Wednesday, May 29 2013 

Why bad things happen to good people, … and why good things happen to bad people ?

This is a Question that is often asked.

Hello everyone, 

Yin and Yang photo Yin_Yang.jpg


And there is no Pictures, no Illustrations, or hardly any, here today. Smile. 

I just want to talk. What ‘s up ?


Need a pause from the hard work that all this Illustration stuff entails. 

But more importantly, this is something that is on my mind,  and I consider this such a serious Subject that I changed the “The Teacher versus The Master” theme that I wanted to elaborate on today.


This is something that supersedes our normal ways of reasoning.

Because rationally we figure out that good things happen if we keep being good and positive.

Let me explain : we ARE good people. We do good actions. And we embrace this positiveness wholeheartedly.


But what we are missing here, with that reasoning, is that to think like this is to make ourselves incomplete.

Because the reality is : we ARE bad people.

We ARE good people and we ARE bad people.

We are both.


Because the Good and the Bad exist everywhere. 

The Positive and the Negative exist everywhere.

In Nature, all around us :

  • Our Pets have both Negativity and Positivity
  • Our Walls have both Negativity and Positivity
  • Our Plants have both Negativity and Positivity
  • Even the Core of everything has Positive and Negative, as for example in the case of Atoms that possess Negatively charged Electrons, and Positively charged Protons.



We are very aware of and very likely to love and cherish the Positivity that we are : Mind, Body, and Soul.

But are we also aware of and very likely to cherish the Negativity that we are : Mind, Body and Soul ?




What is the Negativity that is in us : Mind, Body and Soul ?

Well :

  • Our anger and frustration and our need to shout and control
  • Our greed and our selfish tendencies
  • Our survival instincts
  • Our domineering voire violent and destructive traits
  • Our Sexual compulsions
  • Our manipulative and dubious and distrusting Minds

Etc !


We do not look at all these with pleasure. We judge and condemn ourselves for these. And we judge and condemn others for these.

In other words we push it away from us.


So, what happens next ?


If we push this Negativity that is in us away from us, next someone else or something else will have to express it for us.


It will come back to us. In every way, shape and form. 

It is called PROJECTION.


And it is our powerful Subconscious that does that work for us.

Subconsciously we PROJECT the unwanted Negativity unto :

  •  –    Our Pets, our Walls, our Plants, our Cars, our Homes.
  •  –    Our Physical Bodies, and this is called : the Psychosomatic ailments.
  •  –    Our Partners, Our Parents and Our Children, our Colleagues and Associates and our closest Friends.

And everything else and everyone else.  This is the cause of all our problems.


This occurrence is very Subjective, but the phenomenon itself is Objective.

Because Nature does not judge or condemn.

Nature does not speak in terms of Good and Bad.

Nature does not punish or reward.


So what is the solution ?


The acceptance of our Negativity. 


And to be brave : we all have a little Monster inside of us !

And it does not matter.

Actually it is pretty healthy.

AND, it protects oneself from being at the receiving end of some one else Negativity.


After that, let us observe every little things that happen to us, and let us understand their Language.


Now, let me give some examples :


Once, in some context, I had to listen one more time to what I call a “Goodie-Goodie” speech.

(what do I mean  by “Goodie-Goodie” ? A “Goodie-Goodie” person is a Bad person who tries very very hard to be a Good person. A Good person is a Bad person, a person who has embraced the Negativity of their being,  but who does Good because they cannot help it : it comes from a Mysterious space deep inside of them).

Ok ; so the speech was, let’s say, about Impatience. Three pages saying in short that Patience is Good and Impatience is Bad.

After the speech, it was Tea time. And I could see that everyone was practising Patience.

But I could see also that there was an immense reservoir of Impatience that was boiling inside each and everyone of them.

Next, unfortunately, this unacknowledged and unaccepted Impatience was going to cause the Plants to fade away, a Pet to suffer, the Television Set to need fixing, a Glass to break, something wrong with the Washing Machine, or with the Water Tank of the Toilets, or with the Car, a set of Keys lost, a Headache or a Stomachache, and a angry Neighbour or a dissatisfied Customer. Etc !


These are messages from our powerful Subconscious.

Because the Subconscious knows that Nature is WHOLE.

Therefore both Impatient and Patient !


Another example :

A simple Piece of paper, a WHITE Piece of paper.


Note Paper


Our Pen is BLACK !

People say : “oh I have to be White, I have to be Pure. I do not do Darkness”.

Well, thank God that the Pen does Darkness !

The Pen has to be Dark in order for the message to be complete.

If one was to write White on a Piece of White paper, there would be no message at all !


Another example :

We all go to Toilets to do our CacaPooh.

And the CacaPooh is disgusting. It smells. We reject it out of our Body.

It is a Negative thing.

On the other hand, when cooking, preparing Dinner, and eating delicious Food is a very Positive thing.

But our Body is complete.

Nobody can be alive without Food AND doing CacaPooh.

The Body both assimilates food and rejects the unwanted substances.

It is both Positive and Negative.

(And CacaPooh makes great fertilizers, by the way. Smile)


Everything around us, the Good and the Bad, the Positive and the Negative, is a message from our Subconscious.


Furthermore, it is interesting to bear in mind that some people have very Positive Subconscious PROJECTIONS.

They act as Rescuers, Helpers, Saviours, Healers, even Martyrs.

I said : Subconscious, PROJECTIONS,  so they are not aware of it.

They carry the pain of others.

I know one person like that in my life right now, bless her.


Finally, Tragedies, such as what happened to the Ship Cruise The Titanic for example, are caused by the same Phenomenon Negative/Positive, but then Individuals are caught up within a larger Context, a Collective Context.


More about this if you wish in the Article here called :

“An Opposite Dream”


Take care.

Lightness of MATTER Tuesday, May 21 2013 

Hello everyone,


Today, I would like to entertain you with the idea of Lightness of Matter.


For example, it is not too hard for most of us, to remember all the objects that used to surround our Grand Parents and our great Grand Parents life.

In their Homes, the furniture was solid, strong, substantial, and lasted a long time. Their surfaces was dutifully waxed every fortnight.



  Henri II


And the Wood floor surfaces, in the same manner.

And the large Carpets Rugs from Turkey. They lasted a life time.

And do you remember the thick white cotton sheet we used to sleep in, in those in those massive very comfortable wooden Beds. The Bed linen would be washed in boiling waters, and ironed for hours. But not that often ! It was sheer hard work. 


Old Linen


And the Bathroom accessories, and the Kitchen fittings and utensils, the Porcelain and Cutlery.  The Silver Cutlery had to be polished once in a while. The coloured Crystal Glasses were Art Master Pieces in themselves, and they would make Music !


Porcelaine 2 








And the Garden Tools. I remember carrying those heavy metal Watering Cans, and helping in the Garden in the evenings. 


Water Can


The Garden furniture was made of solid wood and metal. And they would be sand papered and painted every 3 or 4 years.

And they would keep those for life ! It is not that they would change all these items overnight, far from it, unless they broke of course. 

Having said that, a lot of these precious objects were rather often than not being mended, rather than replaced.

I remember that my Grand Father’s Workshop and Garden Atelier was like a Museum ! After some work done in the Garden, each and every one of his Tools were carefully cleaned and put in their rightful place.

The same applies to my Great Aunty Wardrobe. Her clothes were of substantial quality, and carefully washed and neatly folded. All her white cotton Handkerchiefs were hand laced, and with her Initials on them. Same thing with the Bathroom Towels and the Kitchen clothes.








My Great Uncle Costumes were never washed but dry cleaned by a Taylor. His shoes were made of solid Leather and preserved in Wooden devices like these :


Wooden Shoes 44


And I think that my Great Great Aunty’s  huge Black Umbrella was that very one of Mary Poppins. I swear it had a Magic feeling to it. Especially when I would wear her Shoes too !


Mary Poppins




So, now, you have a better view of what I am aiming at.


Look at these Pictures below, we went from this :


Dinning Room 1


To this :


Dinning Room 2


To this : 


Dinning Room 3


And also from this :


Old Clock


To this :


Clock 11


And also from this :


Handkerchiefs 1


To this :


Paper  Hankies


Is there something going on ?

Isn’t it as if Matter was going lighter ?

We are losing density, concentration, weight and substance, for a reason.


Beside the fact that as we going along toward new Light Substances, and Minimalism, this is leading to less and less dust and cleaning and servitude as a result, which makes sense as the former Pisces Era also implied at all time : Virgo, (on the Polarity).


Beside that, Science sees Energy and Matter as being basically the same thing, appearing differently under varying circumstances.


In my view these variations in circumstances have something to do with Sounds.

Sounds have different levels of frequency. And the amount of Sounds audible to our Human ears are few in number.

And the same applies with the amount of Colors or Light levels of Frequency visible with our Human eyes.


And I find it quite remarkable that now, in our Modern days, there are a considerable number of new Lights and new Sounds accessible to us.

And also new Speeds !

We are going Lighter and Faster.


To come to that realization has its importance.

Things are changing.

We are moving out of a great grand Cycle of Time, and things will never be the same again.


And it is quite possible, that this is going to change our own flesh “embodiment” so to speak.

I am referring to the way that the Embryo and Foetus develops in the womb of the Mother. It follows a very precise and particular pattern, and a length of 9 months.

Babies have grown in that way for thousands of years.


But this could change because the very fact that Matter, and ourselves, are getting Lighter, will cause the Sounds at the level of the Atoms to undergo a Transformation. 

And one day we shall fly !

Take care. 

ASCENSION up Sunday, Apr 7 2013 

Hello everyone,


This Article is on the subject of “ASCENSION”.


So far, we have very well covered the linear concept of Time, visualizing the Past, and also the Future.

As if one was on our Left and the other one on our Right.

Similarly, we saw that our minds seem to be travelling back and forth as if caught up in the swinging mouvement of a little Pendulum.


Pendulum 2


After that, we understood where the Magic lay : in the stillness of the NOW.

We uncovered the extraordinary notion of “Contras” and of the Zero Zone.


Ok; let’s say that all this was conceived and explored on that which looks like a Horizontal line.

Today I wish to consider another line : the Vertical line.

Hence the title : Ascension.

It is just as linear but in an upward way.


I always say that if we have Right then we have Left.

Similarly, if we have Ascension then we have Descent.

And here we go again, our mind are being caught up in a mouvement of Right/Left, and Up/Down.


We can forgive ourselves for this.


Look here where all this came from :


Live Tree


Qabbalah Tree 00


Pyramid 2


Many Bodies


Cathedrale 00


Cathedrale 01




But now is the Time for CHANGE.


Let us listen to SETH, a being channelled by Jane Roberts in the 1970s and 1980s :


As mentioned earlier, earthly existence is a training period; and yet as far as possible I would like you to forget your ordinary ideas of progression.

Ideas of good, better, best can lead you astray, for example. You are learning to BE as completely as possible. In one way you are learning to create yourselves.”


The soul can be described as a multidimensional, infinite act, each minute probability being brought somewhere into actuality and existence ; an infinite creative act that creates for itself infinite dimensions in which fulfillment is possible.”


Christian dogma speaks of the ascension of Christ, implying of a vertical ascent into the heavens, and the development of the soul is often  discussed in terms of direction. To progress is supposedly to ascend, while the horror of religious punishment, hell, is seen at the bottom of all things.

Development is therefore considered in a one line direction only.

Likewise the idea of evolution in its popular meaning was promulgated in horizontal terms, as if man emerged from the ape.

(humorously) : Christ could just as well have disappeared side way.

The inner reality of the message was told in terms that man at the time could understand, in line with his root assumption. Developments unfolds in all directions. The soul is not ascending a series of stairs, each one representing  a new and higher point of development.

Instead, the soul stands at the center itself, exploring, extending its capacities in all directions at once, involved in issues of creativity, EACH ONE HIGHLY LEGITIMATE.

The probable system of reality opens up the nature of the soul for you.”


By the way, this Article was inspired by “The Hanged Man”  the number XII Tarot Card :


The Hanged Man


And  inspired also from the sight of my Radishes “ascending” tall into a small canopy of exquisite White Flowers, as I chose not to dig them out in order to eat them, but let them BE.


Radish Flower


There is no great or small.


All Is Well.


Now, your turn : how do you visualize this Ascension mouvement  Spiritually speaking ? Do you see progress, yours and that one of others, in terms of UP and DOWN ? HIGH and LOW ? Ascent and Descent ?


Take care.

BEATRICE and Relativism Thursday, Mar 14 2013 

This is about Relativism
That which is Relative, yes … I like this Word.
For instance :
There are thousands and thousands of Natural entities, or existences, or living forms, that are smaller in size than ourselves.
There are thousands and thousands of Natural entities, or existences, or living forms, that are larger in size than ourselves.
There are thousands and thousands that are faster.
There are thousands and thousands that are slower.
There are thousands and thousands that are younger.
There are thousands and thousands that are older.
Thousands and thousands that are wiser.
Thousands  and thousands that are more foolish.
Etc, etc, as this apply to absolutely everything that we experience.
Also, we could be thinking, or be taking for granted, that we as Human Beings, are of the standard shape, the standard size, and of the standard state of Consciousness.
But this could not be further from the truth.
We are not alone.
And in Reality, we are many, actually, we are … everything ! This is just that it does not come up to our mind. Or not that often. Not here, not right now.
And we could very well be like Giants for some.
And also Giants in stupidity for some others. LOL.

When at the same time, we could be as small as the little Cells on the skin of “someone” arm, a BIG someone, invisible to us, for that precise reason.

So, you can see that to ponder on the notion of Relativism is pretty cool.
I am tempted to recall here, the Story of Beatrice :
Once upon a time, there was Beatrice, a female Duck, living happily ever after, near a little Pond, right at the center of my City.
Every year, for every one to see, she would sit on her eggs, and later be the very attentive Mother of adorable little Ducklings.
What is fascinating is that she was so close to us, inhabitants.
So close to our Buildings, our Shops, our Passers-by, our Vehicles, etc.
And all that we have and use, and understand as Human Beings.
But she could not understand, because … she was a Duck !
It was there, nonetheless, all around her.
But the very fact that she was a Duck, made her blind, somehow, in awareness, of all that which we could see, feel, understand as Human Beings.
   Next, one ponders : are we the little Ducks of another “Universe”, right here, right now, all around us, but a “Universe” that we cannot see, cannot perceive, because we are Human Beings, likewise, right now, at this point in Time, in our current stage of Consciousness ?
Hmmm … yes, I like Relativism.
Flying Duck

It reminds me of the Story of Nemo, a bright orange little fish, from Walt Disney.



Thanks to Walt Disney, this adorable little fish is now known all over the World, in the hearts and in the minds of Children internationally.

But it does not know it.

It cannot know it. Because it is just a little fish in the oceans, deprived of the technology and the proper physical senses, that would allow it to be aware of its “celebrity”.

But this “celebrity” exists nonetheless.

This is to illustrates once more, that the same could well be for us, related to our Human condition/ situation.

It is very possible that, due to our actual physical Human state and circumstances, we do not know what we are missing !

This is not a pessimistic thought. It is a jolly one.

Here is the real Nemo in the Natural World :

Ocellaris or False Percula Clownfish


It is called a Ocellaris or False Percula Clownfish, or Clown Anemonefish.


 Take care.

Spirit and MATTER Tuesday, Mar 5 2013 

Hello everyone,


I have been fascinated by the Phenomenon of Opposites for quite a while now.


We are all acquainted with the famous Concept of Duality, when related to :


  • Day and Night
  • Right and Left
  • Up and Down
  • Backward and Forward, etc.


It is our World. It is our everyday World. 

Even our own Physical Body is made like that.


But today, I would like to enter another Dimension, so to speak. 

And talk about the very special and important Dichotomy between SPIRIT and MATTER, as we know it.


Here are two Drawings :



Opposites 11



Opposites 22




These two Illustrations are an attempt to show how things move into an equal, opposite and reverse Order, as soon as it shifts from MATTER to SPIRIT, and Vice and Versa.


Next, we can have fun, reflecting  how much this is true, like this :


MATTER /Gaia/Earth/Physical, [Taurus/Scorpio]


  • gives Birth and gives Death
  • sustains, comforts, provides, … and starves
  • adds and subtracts, multiplies and divides
  • prospers and sets limitations
  • moves and turns, relocates and stays at a stand still
  • grows and increases, diminishes, declines and subsides
  • scolds, punishes, and banishes
  • praises, compliments, and rewards
  • sells and buys, seduces and attracts
  • wins and loses
  • builds and destroys
  • approves and accepts, resists and rejects
  • acts and expands,  flourishes and rests
  • ascends and descends
  • begins and ends, … and so much more !


SPIRIT/Essence/Ether/Spiritual, [Leo/Aquarius]


  • is Eternal and Immortal, Infinite and unalterable
  • knows no end and knows no beginning
  • is all knowledge
  • is all encompassing
  • is insubstantial
  • is unattainable
  • is untouchable
  • is elusive and contrary,  swift, yet permanent
  • is hidden and mysterious
  • is paradoxical
  • is light, strong,  gentle and silent
  • is ever present
  • is indestructible
  • is empowering
  • is invisible, and … so much more !



La pierre est une Musique gelée”, once said Pythagoras.

SPIRIT is a Sound. MATTER is a certain frequency of Sound.


After that, a word about HOMEOPATHY. 

Here again, we have the law of Polarity at work.

That which is poison to the healthy person is medicine to the sick person.

When an illness takes place, it is the person who is ill, not the Physical MATTER from which he is made.

The person, at the SPIRIT level, lacks one of the primal principle found in the Macrocosm.

And this is the role of Homeopathy, at its exquisite and ecstatic essential SPIRITed  level.

It has to restore a particular piece of information directly related to the Symptoms.


How ?

Ok; let’s recapitulate.

The Physical is expressing the symptoms of an illness,  as an information to that which is lacking at the Spiritual level of a person, at this point in time.

So Homeopathy next, gives back the information.

At the SPIRIT level, it gives back the message of the illness, or dis-ease or un-balance or incompleteness so to speak, in order to cancel the Physical symptoms.


Because when A PARTICLE OF MATTER MEETS ITS TWIN PARTICLE OF ANTI MATTER, … they cancel each other !

As soon as they meet, they simply vanish, disappear !


This is why the Homeopathic message has to be exactly that one of the illness, or dis-ease.

Because in the sick person, what happens is that one of his own primal principles has fallen into material form, and has become dense, and  next starts to manifest itself in the Physical body as MATTER. 

Hence the Symptoms.

This newly materialized principle destabilizes the Physical Body natural balance, and the person becomes ill.


The Homeopathic information ensures that the primal principle, in its material and toxic form, is discharged from the Physical body, or MATTER.

Because restored in Essence, in the SPIRIT.




Let’s try some examples.



  • Arthritis

Painful stiffness and inflammation of the bones articulations.



  • Arthritis

Is lacking ! 

The SPIRIT message is therefore : more stiffness, more solidity,  more Fire.


Ok ; next,



  • Alcoholism

Painful addiction to drinking fluids that contain Essence or … SPIRIT.



  • Alcoholism

Is lacking !

The SPIRIT message is therefore : more SPIRIT, more fluidity, more Essence.





  • Depression

A painful chronicle fatigue when one has lost touch with life, energy and self empowerment.



  • Depression

Is lacking !

The SPIRIT message is therefore : more rest, more let go, more surrender. Patience and passivity. Time for a POISE.


And finally,



  • Overweight

A painful growth in Physical body weight, related to food consumption.



  • Overweight

Is lacking !

The SPIRIT message is therefore : more food, more Spiritual sustenance,  more Spiritual weight.


Voila. OUF !


Take care. 

2012 was a special year Thursday, Jan 3 2013 

Hello dear Friends and Visitors,

The number of my Viewers has reached 29 000 at this end of the year 2012. It feels good indeed. Thank you everyone who come and turn my Pages some times to times.

And the WordPress Team sent me this :

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 12 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Reaching a TURNING POINT Tuesday, Mar 27 2012 

Hello everyone,


“What it is about predictions that so rivets the human imagination ? The claims swirling about the Mayan predictions for 2012 are generating enormous attention and a wide range of responses running the gamut from the credulous to the incredulous. The Ageless Wisdom, and the writings of Alice Bailey in particular, make no reference to the 2012 predictions.

However, they do confirm that our planetary scheme is at the approximate midway point in its evolution, just at the turning point where a balance must be struck, a reorientation achieved and new values established.

In such a period, it’s not surprising that human minds are galvanized by a sense of the significance and the turbulence of this period in History. It can be viewed passively as a looming crisis over which Humanity has no control, or it can be recognized as an opportunity to effect a sounder distribution of the powerful energies which the new Age is releasing upon our Planet.

To determine the exact moment when this midway point is reached is far beyond measurements. What we do know for certain is that, in this second Solar System, the quality of the second Divine aspect, LOVE, is being perfected. Such is Humanity’s present understanding of LOVE that it is associated with attributes of emotional warmth and personal attachment, which is not surprising given the past 2000 of conditioning by the sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism.

Serge Butterfly

On a higher level, however, Divine LOVE manifests under the great Law of Attraction as the impulse to unification and amalgamation, to synthesis, inclusiveness, and identification with what was formerly perceived as the other.

And we can see these urges working out in societies across the Globe, demonstrating through Mouvements in diverse Societies for greeter freedom and equality.

Earth Hands

At the same time, a powerful impulse that would separate and divide, sow suspicion, hatred and fear of differences, is also visible and apparently growing stronger. In case these forces of separation discourage us, it is reassuring to know that it is the theme of relationship which is the basic pattern in the evolutionary process of unfoldment in this second Solar System, (Alice Bailey).

Within the scheme of relationships which constitute the great Chain of Being that comprises our Planet and its place within the Solar System, Humanity occupies a unique position of responsibility.

This, we should keep in mind, should not be seen as an indication that Humanity is of greater importance that the other Kingdoms with which it shares the Planet.

Two Ants

Rather, at the middle point in evolution, Humanity holds the key to the evolution of all life. Through its peculiar and specific type of awareness, the human Kingdom is able to relate the higher and lower expressions of the one Life.

Violet Poppy

This capacity, demonstrating through a group strong enough to act as a mediator, a bridge, can help to stabilize Humanity during a period when certain great decisions are being made. The widespread sense that we are reaching a TURNING POINT is founded in the esoteric recognition that our Planet is facing a crisis so sweeping that it is affecting even the highest levels of existence upon our Planet, in preparation for the attaining of a new balance.

The timing of this crisis was underscored in a passage from the writings of Alice Bailey dated February 1949 which spoke of the finality of the decision which the next two generations will be forced to make. If a generation is approximately 25 to30 years, that time of decision is NOW.”

This is an extract from the World Goodwill newsletter, LUCIS TRUST, London, March 2012.

Serge Daisy

A Lady Bird and a FRANCISCAN Friar Sunday, Jan 1 2012 

Once upon a time, a lovely Lady Bird arrived in my Kitchen :

A Lady Bird

A Lady Bird

We are living weird times, because the mini Daffodils and Hyacinths are all ready in full bloom everywhere, and I saw several Swifts as well flying in the sky, and even a couple of Seagulls excitingly building a nest on the lawn of the empty Public Park at the center of my City !
Yes, please do check again the exact date that I am publishing this Blog.

The little Lady Bird fascinated me. I sat down, and relaxed and just observed her : she has the cutest little body, with a huge head, which is not a head, but the fac similé of a head, as her actual head is extremely small, and she cannot see, she cannot hear, and cannot smell, but just about feel with her tiny antennas when something on her path is worth being sucked up.
So that is what she does, run and run and run, very often in circles, (but she does not know that), till something made of Lipids, Glucose, or Proteins is available.

She simply does not know, yet alone understand, that it is me who puts little samples of food for her on her path.

Who is me for her !?

I could crash her down just like that. But of course I won’t.

Who is me for her ?

She is not afraid.
At times, … she sleeps. She stays completely still for hours and hours.

Suddenly a question came to me : “Who made the first Lady Bird ?”
No, … definitively not “God” the “Creator”. Smile.
And definitively not, all the hazards and trials that we have been made to understand under the word “Evolution”.
And definitively not a Human Being. Even if nowadays the Biogenetics are getting so smart and so skillful, in more ways than one, they can “reproduce” and “modify” … but they cannot “create”.
So who created the first Lady Bird, in all her tiny splendour, perfection and beauty ?

There can only be one answer : US in the Future.

US in the Future created the Lady Bird in a relevant Past, for us to enjoy the Lady Bird in our current Present days, in order to become that which will be the US in the Future.

Thanks to the Lady Bird and also thanks to all that which charm us on Earth, and all that which teach us on Earth.

Lady Bird and Child

Lady Bird and Child

I looked at the little Lady Bird again and thought once more : she hasn’t got a clue as to who I am, or has she ? She does know for instance that on the White Tiles of the wall of my Kitchen, and she likes to walk all over them, there are replicas of herself ! But there are made of Plastic, so not very interesting.

Plastic Lady Birds in my Kitchen

Plastic Lady Birds in my Kitchen

Plastic Lady Birds on White Tiles

Plastic Lady Birds on White Tiles

Plastic Lady Birds on White Tiles

Plastic Lady Birds on White Tiles

What is more interesting is that I have put those replicas of Lady Birds there because … I love her ! And all the other Lady Birds that visit me along the year.

But she does not know that.

Next, what is it that we do not see, and do not smell, do not hear, not even touch,  … that is THERE nonetheless, with somewhat perhaps a similar grand loving attention, as myself !? And an appearance that is totally estranged voire invisible to our current awareness ?

Is it a God, or Goddesses, Angels ?

Is it something Alien from the Cosmos ?

Is it a Spirit or an Energy from another Dimension ?

Is it US in the Future ? Is it US from the Past !?

And I looked at my White Tiles and thought : this one White Tile there in the middle, has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, White Tiles before it. And 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, White Tiles after it.
But because this White Tile in the middle is being square, it is therefore confined and limited, and cannot perceive all the other White Tiles at its side.

So, from its perspective, the middle White Tile would say that the 5 White Tiles before it, are … in the Past, and the 5 White Tiles after it, will be … in the Future.

But me, I am there, and I can see all the White Tiles in one go ! There are all there. There is no difference, they are all the same ! And not only that, but I can see that each White Tile belongs to a larger square, and yet an even larger square, and this almost Ad Infinitum.
They are Fractals ! Smile.

White Tiles

White Tiles

Next, I thought about a good Friend of mine. As I am getting to know him better and better, I come to the realization that he is a Monk in the making and I genuinely see him being reincarnated as a very pious and friendly Franciscan Friar, … some times in the Past ! Most probably around 1860. Because of the integrity of the Church Orders at that period of time.

Next, one should understand that to reincarnate in a life that we see as the “Past” is not about regression. It is not about going “backwards”.

Because the Self of my Friend in the Future (*), has all ready created his Past life in order for him to enjoy his current Present, which he does so immensely.
(*) A Self in the Future, with which no Past and no Present could be possible at all.

As all is one, similarly to the White Tiles of my Kitchen. Never mind that the little Lady Bird and the Tiles themselves don’t know that.

So my Friend sees and I see in him, the good Faith of the Monk that is all ready fully alive and genuinely beautiful within him, but somewhat discreet so far. And this is giving us both immense Joy.

It does not matter the type of Credo and Dogma and Belief that my Friend as a Franciscan Friar will be engaged in once again. It is the good Faith that counts. 

Brother Bartholomew

Brother Bartholomew

Take care.

2011 was a very good year Sunday, Jan 1 2012 

Dear Friends and Visitors,

I reached 21 526 Visitors today with 213 Comments ! This was achieved since my very first Post in October 2008.

So 2011 was a very good year again.

With my Best Wishes for a wonderful New Year 2012 at WordPress. Keep up the good work everyone !

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this Weblog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,200 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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2010 was a successful year Friday, Jan 14 2011 

Hello dear Friends and Visitors,

I have reached 15 000 Viewers today, and it is a victory.

One that I wish to share with you all.

And … Oh, the WordPress Team sent me this, just before Christmas :

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall Weblog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Fresher than ever.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 6,800 times in 2010. That’s about 16 full 747s.

In 2010, there was 1 new post, growing the total archive of this blog to 9 posts. There were 46 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 11mb. That’s about 4 pictures per month.

The busiest day of the year was March 30th with 59 views. The most popular post that day was Game 2 : a TEST using symbols.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for qabbalah, hourglass, leaf pattern, fractals in nature, and abba asterix.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Game 2 : a TEST using symbols January 2009


About Catherine Armant January 2009


Game 1 : a TEST using colours January 2009


How one can read into a very popular CARTOON : Asterix and Obelix and the Vikings October 2008
3 comments and 1 Like on,


The QABBALAH Tree of Life and the Western calendar year November 2008
3 comments and 1 Like on,

My pleasure.

Take care.

It is good to be bad, … our PERFECTION lies in our IMPERFECTIONS Saturday, Jan 9 2010 



I have written a Book on FRACTALS.

The phenomenon of FRACTALS truly fascinates me, and I am not the only one. More we understand this phenomenon, more we shall be able to fashion up in our minds what our Future could be about.

I would call it an eye opener. And so much more …

Because it is one of these GATEWAYS, that intends to propel us toward this fantastic new World that lies ahead of us.

It is not so much a coincidence that it is the formidable power of Computers that is enabling us, to observe, with our naked eyes, and for the first time ever, this intrinsically complex but beautiful COSMIC phenomenon.

Computers is an AQUARIUS occurrence, and we are right at the beginning of this Grand New Aquarius Era, for the next approximately 2160 years.

Things will never be the same again.

I see this as the realization that “GOD” is presently having some fun with us.

Because all is not as it seems, or as it seemed, and we better be prepared for the unexpected, and if we are not prepared, it does not matter anyway, because ALL IS WELL.

Ok; so what are FRACTALS ?

I read : A curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole”.

Origin 1970s : French, from the Latin fract = broken, and the Verb frangere, to break down, to shatter, to wreck, to crush, to grind.


I read : “A rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which being approximately a reduced size copy of the whole, due to a property called self similarity”.

Why are FRACTALS so fascinating, is because they can be observed not only as a Physical phenomenon, but as a Spiritual phenomenon as well.

They can very well have something to do with what Dane Rudhyar once wrote, when interpreting the 3º in Aries, related to the Sabian Symbols :

“The cameo profile of a man, suggesting the shape of his country”.

The sustaining power of the Whole, as the individual identifies himself with Its life.

Having become objectively aware of his nature and his basic humanity, the individualizing person finds power and inner security in realizing his essential identity with the section of the universe in which he operates. He and it seem to his consciousness united in a cosmic-planetary process – in a “participation mystique.” Metaphysically expressed, this is the concept of the identity of Atman and Brahman . In another sense, through his ability to identify himself with the concept of life activities surrounding him, the individual person can become, not only an image and representation of the whole of his natal environment – local, planetary, cosmic – but an agent through whom the whole may express itself in an act of creative resonance and outpouring. This is the Avatar ideal – the ideal of a “transpersonal” life and consciousness totally consecrated to and directed by a divine Power. This Power can also be conceived as the archetypal Self, the Christ-principle as it operates in and through an individual person and destiny who have become its outward manifestation in order to meet a collective human need.

The concept of the formal-structural identity of the universal Macrocosm and the human Microcosm is a very important one, as it manifests itself at many many levels.

It provides an inner sense of security and harmonic strength to the archaic man.

To the modern individual assailed by surface evidence of meaninglessness and futility, it gives a feeling of participation in the vast tide of evolution. It is the answer to the tragic sense of alienation so prevalent today . . . [This is] the stage of participation in a greater life.”

Now, FRACTALS have something to do with the Golden ratio or PHI. It is : 1,618 approximately, and is a ratio that defines that the lesser is to the greater as the greater is to the whole. Or, that the whole has the same ratio to the larger as the larger has to the smaller.

This ratio conveys such beauty when applied, that it has been called the Golden Mean, or the Divine Proportion. It has been used for centuries in Symbolism, as in the Yin and Yang for instance, in Geometry, in Architecture, as in the case of the Pyramids for instance, in Mathematics, as in the case of the Fibonacci numbers for instance, and in Music, and Art, and can be found in Nature ! It is well known that Bees reproduce themselves according to such a ratio, and one can observe the same Golden marvel in the heart of a Sunflower, or in the design of a sea Shell.

“It is a Universal Law in which is contained the ground principle of all formative striving for beauty and completeness in the realms of both Nature and Art, and which permeates, as a spiritual spiritual idea, all structures, forms and proportions, whether Cosmic or individual,  organic or inorganic, acoustic or optical.” Adolf Zeising.

“The tendency to harmonize or synchronize is one of the most far-reaching drives in the Universe.” Bill Anderson.

“The Universe is a great symphony of numerical correspondence.” Umberto Eco.

The Golden ratio is a paramount Spiritual idea. Oh yes !

It is also a Mathematical irrational constant. A contradiction from an expression in lowest terms.
Which means that it is imperfect ! Or at least imperfect from our imperfect point of view. So far. As we have recently discovered another phenomenon, that one of the Chaos Theory. Very close to my heart indeed because it proves a very important point.

The Chaos Theory is Science attempting to explain the predictable randomness which exists in the Universe.

It describes a dynamical system that is highly sensitive to initial conditions. It has been referred to as the Butterfly Effect. Small differences in initial conditions, (due to “errors”), rend the outcome drastically different and somewhat unpredictable.

It is found in the Solar System, in Neurons, in Biology and Anatomy, and also in Economics, Engineering, Finances, Robotic and Psychology.

For example Spirals are FRACTALS in which the “error” has been one of rotation.

“A repeated similar transformation, that of rotation and re-scaling combined, leads to Spiral forms.”

“In his PRINCIPIA MATHEMATICA, Isaac Newton demonstrates that the Precession of the Equinoxes is the result of the Earth’s oblate spheroidal shape, which causes it to spin in something less than a perfectly aligned motion. In short, it inscribes a very gradual circle in relation too the celestial axis and, according to Newton, the period in which this entire circle is completed is 26 000 years. This means that not only does the Sun rise in a slightly different location, but also the terrestrial axis points to a different area in the heavens, as time goes by.

And we find that the fully expounded idea of the “Precession of the Zodiac” itself is as important as a clock that strikes the hour of World Ages.”

‘HARMONY and CHAOS are two opposing forces in the world of man.”

The CHAOS THEORY has profound implications with respect to the origin of life and the theory of evolution. One can find CHAOS everywhere. For example, at the level of all the cells of our body. To witness CHAOS in action, is to see a phenomenon that never repeats itself exactly. It is “imperfect”. It is beyond logic, reason, routine, stability, order, and rectitude. It is interesting to note that, as logic, order and reason, belong to the left side of the human brain, CHAOS or uncontrollable “randomness”, belong to the more feminine, receptive, intuitive, right side of the human brain. It has a stable instability, but strange enough, it is very resilient, nonetheless. It is never identical. But it is self similar. it uses feed-backs with an astonishing virtuosity. What is called “feed-backs” is the results of the put-ins, … that come out, … and become the put-ins of the next process. It is not predictable, but can be discovered when something goes “wrong”.

Next, the mouvement goes in and from repeatedly using the tool of feed-backs as just described.

But then, out-of-the-Blue (!), a tiny different in-put occurs, but nevertheless one that will have a great impact, this due to the super-sized number of reoccurring mouvements. The different in-put is called an “Attractor”. It has made its entrance. And its small dissimilarity or deviation will make a colossal distinction in the final result.

But the result is always astonishingly and breathtakingly beautiful. And completely unexpected.

Computers are powerful enough to go through the lengthy and complex process, and what we are discovering is a multi-dimensional shape, PERFECTLY  coordinated. The final result demonstrates to the shaken and confounded observer that there are forces at work in the Universe that are greater than all our simple equations.

Well, I am pretty sure that Mathematical equations are NOT “simple”. But never mind that. They are based on linear logic and reason.

And that such things as “errors” or “anomalies” or “chaos” are not so, in the final result.

This kind of phenomenon is constantly at work, and easily observable in Nature. In Rain drops, Snow flakes, Crystals, Forest Ferns, and Coasts lines, etc.

And it is used in calculations related to Goods/Merchandise, and fluctuating Markets.

This “Attractor” puzzling occurrence is like a threat, from within, quite undetectable in the early stages. It is beyond logic, science and Newton Theories. As one cannot understand the whole through understanding the parts anymore. Or not like that. It is not enough. The real dynamic of things is further away than that. Why ? Because the tiny shapes are similar but not identical, since it cannot be repeated. Also, interestingly, the unity of a FRACTAL cannot be multiply in a square : 1ª = 1. it is impossible for Mathematics to calculate.

It appears in curves in Graphics. It can have curves and straight lines. And oval shapes and ellipses.

Lastly, just a little fact : FRACTALS are an observable occurrence with just the use of 3 balls on a Snooker table !

Food for thoughts indeed.

Voila. So, next : what about us ?

Precisely we cannot be calculated within a time square frame either. And we all know that we have a massive amount of “anomalies”, … but then, next, perhaps it is time to wake up to the fact that each and every single one of us are astonishing and beautiful entities, if only we could see our “final results”, individual and collective.

Because FRACTALS are much more than just extraordinary sequences of successive chain reactions.

FRACTALS is about “Spirit”.

It is something active, alive and intelligent. And if it is something dreadfully logic and meticulous, it is also immensely creative and even playful.

The faultless order within FRACTALS is so smart, so confident, slowly but surely processing its ever so clever operation towards the final result, well aware of its Agenda and pre-established motive. It cruises along relaxed and untroubled. It is constant, yet variable. It is puissant and powerful, yet gentle.

In its playfulness, it enjoys the incoming of the so-called “errors” or “anomalies”, or “faults”, as it does not view imperfections as being imperfect. It knows better.

But we, here, so far, we judge. We ask : “Is this right, or, is this wrong ?”.

We ponder ; “Have I made the right choice? Have I made the right decision ?”

We say : “they should not have done that.”

We figure out life as one direct route only, from which we should  not deviate from, for fear of consequences.

We believe that we must not lack, we must not fail, we must not waste time, we must not make errors.

We believe that if we make an error, we will suffer the consequences. As bad results follow bad decisions.

But, life is not linear. It does go from right to left, and left to right. From top to bottom, and bottom to top !

There are no rights and wrongs, no consequences, and no rewards.

Therefore no responsibility, no guilt, no burden. We are too small for that.

FRACTALS do not think on these terms of rights and wrongs. They do not mind taking a seemingly wrong turn, or to pause,  … and apparently waste time, or delete something that looked at first pretty good, or move in zones called no-man zones, or to drop a whole important matter quite unexpectedly, or fail completely, or take unimaginable risks, and the like.

Rings a bell ? Sure, we so do behave like this ourselves, on occasions.

What is wrong with that ? But we do struggle, and we are tempted into defining, and labeling, that which we regard as wrong, and we impose conditions, as we fail to trust the good outcome of all our affairs for ourselves and our loved ones. We fail to see the whole picture.

Now, VIRTUES are NOT the sine qua none equipment to being in Harmony with the totality of things.

Why ? Because we ARE, no matter what, always in Harmony with the totality of things.

And at times, I find somewhat sad and ironical that we are blinding ourselves to the reality of our intrinsic state of PERFECTION by trying so hard to be … PERFECT !

And by the way, Harmony is not perfect, it is is chaotic; it is like FRACTALS.

A smart idea is to think of ourselves as being continuously in tune with all that is, according to the law of periodicity and rhythm, and according to the phenomenon of FRACTALS.

Let us not attempt to change ourselves, let alone others, as change always comes, in due time.

After that, here are some excerpts from a Lady called Nancy GAREN, which I find particularly wise :

“You are only at the very first stage of your development and you must understand your place in the Cosmic Scheme of things.”

“This is a gestation period. Changes are taking place in the Inner Planes, and at the appropriate time, these new Energies will be released and you will spring back in full form.”

“Something is going to change your plans or the course of your experience, something that may look negative on the surface but will later prove to be a blessing in disguise. Things don’t have to go according to plan in order for you to benefit from them. Drop your support systems and depend on the Universe.”

“you will soon have a new perspective. All paths lead to the same place and we are all doing what we are supposed to be doing even when we’re wondering if we should or should not be doing it, or think that we are making mistakes or going astray. Do not be overcome. Choose aliveness.”

“Get ready for a new way of life because one is about to commence. What is happening in your life will soon turn into something much better. This apparent havoc is actually the beginning of a new order which was destined to commence at this time and if events had not convened in just this way, you would still be where you were and you would miss the turn of fortune that is in store for you. “

Take care.

Here is is a very interesting link :

And here is a fraternal feedback from Kathy Custren, Pennsylvania, USA :

And more from Kathy Custren :

Reading into OBAMA new Presidency with a difference Friday, Jan 23 2009 



I am a Philosopher, Astrologer and Numerologist. So what I am going to offer here is a view into Obama new Presidency with a difference.

Tuesday 20th of January 2009, in Washington DC, was a historical date indeed.

You will see down below the Astrological Chart for the 20th of January 2009. It is an Horary Chart. This means that its flavour and colour are there to stay related to this new Presidency for the next 4 years, or at the very least for 2009. On so many points it  strangely relates to both Obama and Michelle own Charts. The uncanny coincidences and links and similarities are in abundance. Let us see how…

( Please refer to a good Astrology book to understand the correspondence and meaning of the Planets, Signs and Houses, and Points, mentioned in this study ).

So, on the 20th of January 2009, at 12.00 noon, in Washington DC, the new President of America, BARACK HUSSEIN (!) OBAMA, pronounced his oath, ( he just had to say, to repeat, two short sentences, but he missed them both because of lack of synchronicity with his speakerman !? ), and made his speech. The speech was outstandingly good, with an elaborate and intelligent choice of words, and with just the right amount of restraint and enthusiasm, ( Mars in Capricorn in the House IX, and Saturn in Virgo in the House V ). And he did not read anything. It was faultless and delivered on the spur of the moment.( Mercury conjunction the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius in the House X ). Definitely an eloquent man. He is intelligent, strong and a true Academic. Unlike George W Bush, he will continue to pronounce some genuine very good communiques, heartfelt, articulate, and to the point. He is a sensitive communicator, ( his own Chart shows Moon in Gemini, Mercury and Uranus in Leo, with his Moon North Node in Leo too ).


Obama Inauguration

I also believe that he will truly listen to the people and work with and for the people. And generously so. Many people. He will try to unite and reunite, in a Globalist way. He will travel and pay visit to many Countries. He will become an “Ambassador” for the “New America”, ( his own Chart shows the Ascendant in Aquarius, the House XI  in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Aquarius ).

Michelle own Chart shows Saturn, ( and probably the Moon ), in Aquarius . And she is a Capricorn.

Moreover 2009 is a 11 year. So a year to expect the unexpected, and unsuspected ( and somewhat annoying ) changes. Something new is in the air. It will be fast and at times, “out of synchro”, as the moment of pronouncing his oath was. ( Especially that the Astrological Chart for the 20th of January shows the House VIII in Sagittarius, and Pluto in exact conjunction with the house IX. America is Sagittarius. Obama MC is in Scorpio ).

In 2009, there is the 2 : a Moon number that loves to connect in a pleasing way. 2 indicates flair, inspiration and intuition, also fear and dread, especially related to the loved ones, the special one or ones, the family clan, the group, the club, the camaradeship, the ethnic companionship. It is a female number. The Moon rules Cancer, and Africa is Cancer.

In 2009, there is the 9 : a Jupiter number that loves the ideal of freedom, liberty, growth and expansion. 9 is perpetually optimistic and never really feels defeated. It is a noble number, the number of the Knight and of the Hero. It fights for Civil rights and for Justice. Profoundly humanitarian, it protects and “saves”. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and America is Sagittarius. 9 also indicates the ( happy ) end of a cycle, and the ultimate solution, or conclusion.

In 2009, there is the 0 : zero indicates a “reverse” and a serious “in-between” stage, a stage that is going to stay with us for a while, till 2111 in fact. ( See my article  : “it is about TIME” ).

Now, interestingly, we are moving into a new Capricorn Period that will last about 90 years. This in the context of the grand new Aquarius Era which started in the late 1960s. I have written extensively about this in my first book on the Cycles of Time. Saturn rules Capricorn and is called the Lord of Time. CHINA, Switzerland, and Scotland are Capricorn.

This new Capricorn Period is replacing the late Sagittarius Period, that took place during the end of the grand Pisces Era.

This means that from now on, Sagittarius is in the solar House XII of the World. ( see my article : “it is about TIME” ). The solar House XII is a tricky one, and always indicates a humbling phase. A phase of retreat if not defeat. With losses, regression, ( recession ), exile, tears, and loneliness, ( or unpopularity ). The House XII is best dealt with humility, grace, love, altruism, faith, and compassion. When this is achieved, it can truly bring about healing and peace. A transcending of pain itself. A spiritual passage. This is the program ahead  for America. ( Especially that the Astrological Chart for the 20th of January shows Saturn in Virgo in the House V, so : dutiful, creative even inventive, hard working, patient, but restricted and with modest results. Plus, Uranus, Venus, and the Point of Fortune are in Pisces in the House XI ). The humbling phase will occur in some unaccustomed ways. After all this new American President is … black. Or at least, from a humble and mixed divorced family from Hawai.



On the 20th of January, in Washington DC, George W Bush looked relaxed, despite the fact that it was a very humbling day for him.

Well, the occultation Mars / Moon of the 25th of January ( therefore just five days later ), was 22 degree Capricorn, and said :

“By accepting defeat gracefully, a General reveals nobility of character”.


Obama Inauguration

Michelle is seen at the side of Obama most of the time.



And next Hilary Clinton is going to be Secretary of State .




Both women smiled a lot on that day.

During the new Capricorn Period, the solar ( and very relevant ), House X  is going to be in Libra. This indicates women in power, women in top jobs, women who will be Diplomats, and “in-betweens”, with all the skill of courtesy and grace and aptitude that they can possibly demonstrate. Who is the wife of the present French President ? ( incidentally Italy is Libra ). Who is the actual  first Chancellor of Germany ? There are more examples. And this is only the beginning.


Obama Inauguration

Here is the Astrological Chart for the historical 20th of January 2009 :



It is obviously incomplete, but enough for what I want to discuss here.

With Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon North Node and Chiron in Aquarius in the House X, no wonder that we heard the word change on Obama’s lips every two minutes. The word has been has been on his lips for quite a long time. He is rising Aquarius and very fond of this word himself personally. In his own Chart, Uranus is conjunction his Moon North Node in Leo. Fit for the job ? Yes ! Of course. His Saturn is in Capricorn. He has certainly reached a very rare and high summit.

Plus, his MC is in Scorpio. Which deals with inner perception, strategy, secrecy, keen observation, strength, passion, psychological intelligence, revenge or unforgiveness, and an ability to transform any ( “black” or dark or corrupted ) situation, in order to “elevate” it, and bring it to the “light”. It indicates also losses, alas, especially material or financial, and even deaths, as well.

Moreover the new solar House XI of the World is now in Scorpio.

There will be a lot of scrutinization, research, investigation, studies about that with has been so far secret, hidden, not told.

The solar House XI represents the people.

It is on the polarity Aquarius/ Leo, therefore it means a reply from the people on the issue of sovereignty, independence, individuality, distinction and uniqueness, transparence,  reorientation, this in the context of the new Global World.

Which means that Obama is going to work hard on concession, diplomacy, agreements, deals and settlements with … RUSSIA, and Eastern Europe, China, and the rest of the World, probably over bills of Energy, and high Technology and advance Science. He won’t be the only one. All these debates may also turn around the hot issue of immigration.

The people first will be on his side ; his Jupiter is in Aquarius. His Ascendant is in Aquarius. His life destiny number is : 11. His Saturn is at home in Capricorn, so a grand Saturn, very wise, that also gives him this sculptural and slim figure. Michelle is a Capricorn, her Saturn is in Aquarius, her Jupiter is in Aries, and her Moon North Node is Retrograde and in Cancer. Her life destiny number is also 11. They both have Chiron in Pisces. They are “Christ” like. The 20th of January Chart shows Uranus at home in the House XI, and the House X or MC at home in Capricorn.




The 20th of January 2009 day is rising TAURUS. An Earth Sign, in companionship with Virgo and Capricorn. The number 4 is Taurus. The number 8 is Capricorn and Scorpio, especially that Pluto has just entered Capricorn and will stay there for a while ( till 2024 ). The number 11 is Aquarius.

Obama was born on the 4th of August 1961, and he is the 44th president of America. He is 47.  4  +  7  =  11. Michelle just turned 45 on the 17th of January. She was 44 when Obama was elected. O B A M A name is 14. M I C H E L L E  name is 40  =  4. His full  name is 10  =  1. And the 20th of January 2009 day is 14.

On the 26th of January 2009, there was a Jupiter / Moon occultation, 5 degree Aquarius, that says :

“A council of Ancestors is seen implementing the efforts of a young Leader”.

And also, a Sun / Moon eclipse, 6 degree Aquarius, that says :

“A masked figure performs ritualistic acts in a Mystery play”.

Those two degrees are conjunction the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon North Node of the 20th of January Chart !

On the 22nd of February, one can notice the beautiful occultation Mercury /Moon, 9 degree in Aquarius, therefore the same degree as the Moon North Node of  the 20th of January Chart. It says :

“A Flag is seen turning into an Eagle”.

On the 23rd of February, there is an occultation Jupiter / Moon, 11 degree in Aquarius , that says :

“During a silent hour, a man receives new inspiration which may change his life”.

Along the years, I have found that these occultations and eclipses always point towards some very relevant World events.

So, coming back to the 20th of January Astrological Chart, let us now discover several of the  SABIAN very enlightening degrees, and their symbolic meaning, courtesy of the great Astrologer, DANE RUDHYAR.

Sun 30 degree Capricorn in House X  :

“A secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in World affairs”.

Difficult to beat that one !

  • The power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after mature discussions with those who share this power.
  • Executive power.
  • The outcome of the decisions of a supreme Council, it refers to the highest form of social interaction.

And same for Mercury ! They are in exact conjunction.

Jupiter 3 degree Aquarius in House X :

“A deserter from the Navy”.

  • The individual self realization through a crucial repudiation of a collective status which has become unbearable. He becomes an outcast
  • Wasting time and money as a result of “freedom” going to your head.
  • An arrogant refusal to shoulder the responsibilities incurred either by one’s own choices or by society’s rules, along with the psychological weakness that this engenders.

One obviously thinks of George W Bush. Tony Blair left in the nick of time ( actually, before his time ), in order to avoid this Public humiliation, and stay clear of further damage.

Moon North Node Retrograde 9 degree Aquarius in House X :

“A Flag is seen turning into an Eagle”.

  • The dynamic incorporation of new social values in individuals who exemplify the spiritual potential and greatest significance of these values.

Moon South Node Retrograde 9 degree Leo in House IV :

“Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing”.

  • Creative intensity.

This Moon South Node is conjunction Obama Sun 12 degree in Leo.

Chiron 20 degree Aquarius in House X :

“A large white Dove bearing a message”.

This Chiron is conjunction Obama Ascendant 18 degree in Aquarius.

Neptune 23 degree in Aquarius in House XI :

“a big bear sitting down and waving  its pawn”.

Interestingly, I do associate Russia with the “big bear” symbol.

Moon 30 degree Scorpio in House VII ;

“Children in Halloween costumes indulge in various pranks”.

Let us see the 29 degree Scorpio as well, as the Moon moves fast and is moving “early” nowadays :

“An Indian Squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children”.

Well, Michelle has the Moon South Node R in Capricorn, and the Moon North Node R in Cancer, and I can’t help but seeing a threat to their two girls. Like being grounded inside a golden cage. Michelle MC is 29 degree Scorpio. So, conjunction to this Moon.

Obama Inauguration

Mars 18 degree Capricorn in House IX :

“The Union Jack flies from a British warship”.

  • Political power, its value and its danger.
  • This power can easily be misused under the pretext of preserving “Law and Order”.

Pluto 1 degree Capricorn in House IX :

“An Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe”.

And 2 degree Capricorn in House IX :

“Three rose windows in a Gothic Church, one damaged by war “.

  • It refers to the disruptive consequences of war.
  • The chief who claimed power from his tribe in order to lead must reckon with the consequences of a too impulsive use of this power in term of violence.
  • The three rose relate to love and compassion.

Venus 17 degree Pisces in House XI :

“An Easter parade”.

  • Participation in collective peak experiences.
  • To dynamize each other in some kind of self renewal.
  • To attune one’s life activities and moods to the ritualistic patterns of society or Earth nature, rather than acting in complete independence.

Uranus 19 degree Pisces in House XI :

“A Master instructing his disciples”.

  • An investiture.

Point of Fortune 9 degree Pisces in House XI :

“A Jockey spurs his horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals”.

  • The need to spur one’s total being toward speedy attainment of whatever goal it may be.

Ascendant 10 degree  Taurus :”A red cross nurse”.

  • The compassionate linking of all men.
  • Human cooperation at the stage of pure altruism and service to the Social whole.
  • Consecration to humanity.

MC 24 degree Capricorn :

“A woman entering a Convent”.

  • Total commitment to a transcendent goal.
  • Surrender to a Higher Law or quality of being.
  • A sense of fate or destiny that guides you and ignores everything but your inner calling.

This MC position is conjunction Michelle Sun 26 degree in Capricorn.

Take care !

By the way, the Astrological Chinese new year started on the 26th of January 2009, and was an OX year. Obama is a Metal Ox.


We were told that we had FREE WILL … Friday, Jan 23 2009 

The Penguins I painted in 2002

The Penguins I painted on silk in 2002

About Free Will,

Let me start with a quote :

” I see now the futility of efforts and systems and of how one must submit and wait. I understand for the first time the issue of predestination or Free Will. I see that the question does not arise because TIME does not exist . Free Will and predestination are regarded as opposites because they are seen against the background of chronological TIME. But outside the prison of personality, TIME is an illusion and therefore there is no choice and equally, no predestination. There is only a timeless pattern. So one has to work as though one had Free Will, but at the same TIME to accept the fact of what is called predestination, because all is arranged and this is one of the fundamental reconciliation of opposites. And yet, all is not arranged because the pattern is neither present nor future.”

From Arthur GUIRDHAM.

A very antithetical vision he had indeed, ( I see it as an “AQUARIUS after CAPRICORN” perception ) , very relevant for us in the future, yes. It is all there, and I cannot find a sharper and clearer way of corroborating this subject of Free Will. I am going to try to work on this extraordinary thought as we go along.

To say that there is not such a thing as Free Will,  is very rare, and immensely unpopular.

Moreover, it is always set against the well-known concept of predestination, like this :  ” you say that you do not believe in Free Will ? So, you believe in predestination then ? “.

So next I try to say it differently, as follow : “there is not such a thing as Free Will, but man is totally Free”.

Free from a Superior Will that would know everything and decide everything. Someone like a Deity who would preordain all that happens.

But, …

… , there is no need for preordaining, because, …  ALL is all ready fully there ! Since TIME and SPACE is an illusion. For example, the Stars that we see today are the Stars of the “PAST”, due to the distance in space, but for us, there are the Stars of our “PRESENT”. So our “Present” is just a convenient state of mind.

Also, our eyes function thanks to that we call Light ; no Light means no vision. But there is an entire Dark World out there that still exists however. We discovered it with something other than our outer eyes, obviously.

There are also Worlds that exist that we cannot see because of our actual state of inner and outer “vibration” that differs from theirs. We are too “slow” compared to them, or too small or too big, something like that, so they are invisible. If “ALIENS” do exist, they are in this invisible space all right. But as TIME does not exist, ALIENS and us are one and the same thing, …ups !

Even more, on a subtler level, our subjectivity can change or alter many things. On the level of our own perception, that is. It means that we can interfere with “Reality” by the very action of observing, or looking at it. And for the reason that we are DUAL, like this : right and left, West and East, North and South, high and low, day and night, conscious and unconscious, inner and outer, noise and silence, me and them, I and you, good and bad, pleasure and pain, female and male, meek and aggressive, young and old, past and present, present and future, etc, it is very difficult for us to perceive anything that exist that is not DUAL. And observing something is … a DUALITY in itself : there is, one, the observer and, two, the object observed. How can we possibly go beyond this ? If we do, as MAGICIANS, and ZEN Masters and SUFI Mystics and so many others do  for instance, our World entirely change : we have crossed through the VEIL. ( see “An opposite DREAM” ).

So, when I say : no Free Will, this does not mean entrapment, or powerlessness.. It means understanding. It means observing. It means recognizing.

Recognizing that the World is made of all kinds, and that it takes all sorts to make a World.

And that there are many Worlds.

Now, perhaps the word CHOICE came to your mind. The thought that there are consequences to each and everyone choice that we make. It is easy to demonstrate and prove that fact. We function according to these very important choices, on a daily basis. We can see the results and the outcomes. We believe in a system of CHAIN REACTION, perhaps very justifiably so. Again, this is because we live, ( or were conditioned to live over so many Centuries ), in a DUAL World, like this : 1  +   2  =  3,  and or,  from A  to  B  to  C, or,  from  A  to  Z, or,   Alpha and Omega,  Etc.

So I cannot possibly question this “choice means consequence” aspect of our lives. We learn, since our childhood and even since our birth, to judge and discern between this and that and to see the different results and outcomes of choices. And how we learn this comes from the observation of the consequences of anything that we do or others around us do. It relates to the Law of Selection and of Evolution, and it involves the very important and intense “survival of the fittest”, or the “fittests”, in case of a group.

This phenomena is DUAL, and cruel , because if there is a winner and a survivor, it means that there is a loser, and a living thing that dies.

It is a Law of MATTER, as Nature needs to destroy in order to stay alive. ( see the “Cross of Matter” below ).

It belongs to the Physical World, and is somewhat practical. It functions basically because of  Matter, Time, and Space, as we experience these with our Physical body.

So, how can our thinking evolve from this ? By coming back to the : there are many Worlds.

Let us start with the many inner Worlds, for instance.

The Worlds of emotions, of intelligence, of intuition, of Spirituality, of Psychology, …

But, alas, after a second thought, even inside these inner Worlds, if we take a look closer, there exist numerous battles, discords, hostilities and conflicts. With once more, at the end, a winner and a loser. Or winners and losers. And all the same with the most noble sentiments such as : mutual concern, and altruism, because in truth these get manifested and expressed in order to save and protect our group. Our chosen group, our chosen friends or partners or family members. As we are not keen to do that for our “enemies”, sure.

When we do not try to save our group, we try to save ourselves. It is called self development. Again, the right choices lead to the right results. Or so we believe. This means a Psychological and or a Spiritual battle, with traits in us that can survive, and traits that have to cease to exist.

Even further, the spiritual crusade of “light” against “darkness”, well, is just as DUAL and separatist. When we fight “darkness” inside ourselves, or in others, we live in DUALITY.

The Wheel of Matter

The Cross of Matter

And on the intelligence level, choice means that we constantly select a “Path” and disregard another. The disregarded path slowly fades away, itself and its possible options “die” or disappear, when the chosen path grows, flourishes and in turn produces more paths.

Therefore we have to go higher or deeper, in order to gain a lofty new perspective that somewhat sees the whole picture. It has something to do with transcendence. To transcend means to leave behind this dreadful and merciless DUALITY. ( see my article : “An opposite DREAM” ).

What is to transcend DUALITY ?

“ALL blinks at neither the light or the dark”. RA.

DUALITY means Two. So it has to be One, or more.

One is WHOLENESS. More is … everything.

And this comes back to our subject of Free Will. If everything is One beyond Matter, Time and Space, then what can possibly be left of what we call choice,  when choice means to …choose between Two ?

By the way, I have often found that the solution lies in the Three or more, therefore beyond the Two. Like to say that there is a third explanation to a problem or conflict. Or to say that there are several levels of comprehending anything, like a dilemma, a puzzle or a question. Or to say that the Truth is not one but many.

So our question here is Free Will. And we have gone through the dilemma of choice,  just a little bit.

Now, the All that is. I have touched this concept earlier in this article.

The All that is explains that we do not make choices, ( although we think that we do, at a certain level ), because : everything all ready is.

There is no consequence and no result. The whole picture is all ready there and we participate, with our choices, to the discovery of this big picture, but we are not making this big picture. Our path therefore, if we have to have a path at all, is something regarding  AWARENESS. It is something concerning our EYES. Our inner and outer eyes.

See above (!) these Penguins on silk that I painted in 2002. There are 9 Penguins, and one is looking at the opposite direction from all the others. Well, you may have noticed that Penguins have become very popular in the MEDIAS during the recent years, and there is certainly a reverse phenomena that is also abundantly covered by the MEDIAS. The Penguins because they are a significant symbol of cold and of the great North. And this relates to the new Capricorn Period that we are just entering. ( see my articles : “It is about TIME …” and “An opposite DREAM” ).

The point here is that I did not know all this in 2002. So, there you are. It was all ready there, and something in me connected with it.

Next, a story illustrating this concept of All that is.

It comes from Seth, an awe inspiring being channeled by Jane Roberts in the 1980s.

The story took place in the context of a “class”, where Jane sat for a seance, and “students” were present.

One of the students, called Larry, put up a question. He said : “This is a question about All that is. Since All that is … is everything, does it ever get lonely ? “

And Seth replied :

All that is … is you Larry, how can it be lonely ? “

I know. Take your time to recover.

Meanwhile, I am going to select several beautiful quotations, ( and some of them won’t be in English, ups ! ), in order to try to convey this whole picture vision in question. The quotes that are without the name of the author are quotes taken from a team of people from various private magazines.

“Be who you are, and become that perfectly well”.

“You are only at the very first stage of your development and you must understand your place in the Cosmic Scheme of things”. Nancy Garen.

“You will soon have a new perspective. All paths lead to the same place and we are all doing what we are supposed to be doing, even when we are wondering if we should or should not be doing it, or think that we are making mistakes or going astray. Don’t be overcome, choose aliveness”. Nancy Garen.

“The key to liberation is to find the path to inner peace and thereby transcend choice or result”. Nancy Garen.

“Think of life as an interwoven pattern where all parts work together to make a whole. You are not apart, but part of the tapestry. You can overcome your resistance to this experience by observation and a gentle acceptance of what is“. Nancy Garen.

“You need not to be anxious about your affairs. The Universe knows what things you are in need of. What you want has all ready been established and you will led into it or it will come to you”. Nancy Garen.

“Perfection is a concept that was derived from something you decided was “good” or “right”, and what you are doing now is being compared to that decision. But in reality perfection is nothing but an idea”. Nancy Garen.

“The cameo profile of a man suggesting the shape of his country”. The sustaining power of the Whole, as the individual identifies himself with Its life. Having become objectively aware of his nature and his basic humanity, the individualizing person finds power and inner security in realizing his essential identity with the section of the universe in which he operates. He and it seem to his consciousness united in a cosmic-planetary process, in a participation mystique. Metaphysically expressed, this is the concept of the identity of Atman or Brahman. In another sense, through his ability to identify himself with the complex of life activities surrounding him, the individual person can become truly, not only an image and representation of the whole of his natal environment, ( local, planetary, cosmic, ), but an agent through whom the whole may express Itself  in an act of creative resonance and out pouring”.  Dane Rudhyar comment on the ARIES degree 3 Sabian symbol.

“All things live within the body of a greater being.”.

“Holism : when the whole is greater than the sum of its part, and the greater includes the less.”

“Every parts derives its meaning and existence from its place within the whole“.

“The tendency to harmonize or synchronize is one of the most far reaching drives in the Universe”.

“The Universe is a great symphony of numerical correspondences. Numbers and their symbolism provide a path to special knowledge. But if the World is a system of correspondences where “Tout se tient”, it is natural for the works of man, such as a Kiosk or a Pyramid, to reproduce in their structure, the harmonies of the Cosmos”  Umberto Eco. ( see my articles : An opposite DREAM“, and “Are we building another Planet EARTH ?” ).

“Numbers receive their value from the nature of things. The virtue of beings does not exist within the number, but that it is the number which exists within the virtue of beings and which proceeds there on. Numbers are the wisdom of beings. Numbers lead us to truth of primary rank, positive and inviolables truths, essentially bound to our being”. Louis Claude de Saint Martin.

“The ratios of the Architectural proportions of the Cathedral of Chartres had to be equivalent to the ratios of musical intervals which were considered to be the earthly echoes of the heavenly music of the spheres”. Gordon Strachan.

“As soon as it begins, you know the time it will end”. Paracelcus.

“What you are is what you are going to be”.

“The very vibrations with which we compose our words have absolute correspondence with the fundamental forces of the Universe”. Steve Tanham.

“The mission of life patterns lies within Matter itself. A crystal know the shape they have to take on. Atoms and Molecules possess coded memories. Nature’s departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology seem to be working in full cooperation with a Master Plan. Modern Science, through considerable effort and aided by extremely sophisticated means, is gradually rediscovering the grand Universal constants governing Matter and life. No artist, even the least conformist, escapes the determinism of natural Geometry”.

“Hidden in an acorn, is an oak with its acorns. In the Tree of Life each Sephirath is the complete Tree. In each one of us , there is the entire Universe. Every being contains within itself the totality of the perceivable World. Everything, therefore, is everywhere. Every one is totally there and the All is every one”.

“As the whole, any given whole, is made of all the parts, one cannot see outside what is not all ready inside”.

“Look at the World in terms of integrated wholes which cannot be reduced to their smaller parts”. Marchall.

“La Science des correspondances evoque en particulier la loi d’analogie qui s’applique a la ressemblance entre des etres ou des objets differents. Ainsi, elle determine le rapport, l’accord, l’harmonie entre le visible et l’invisible. C’est cette Science qui s’interesse notamment aux relations entre l’homme et l’Univers, entre le Microcosme et le Macrocosme. En se servant d’elle, l’homme peut dechiffrer l’Univers, mais aussi donner un sens aux differents elements de son royaume interieur. L’homme apprend a s’harmoniser et a lire les signes du “Divin” dans tout ce qui est. Le regard inspire par l’intelligence du coeur, l’homme a la capacite de lire et de comprendre un complexe jeu de Mirroirs. Tout est relie au tout, tout est dans le tout, et le tout est en toutes choses. La comprehension des signatures Universelles ravive notre feu interieur. Connaitre la qualite intrinseque et specifique des etres et des choses. Discerner les liens invisibles qui sous entendent l’Univers. Et entrer en contact, par dela la barriere du temps et de l’espace, avec les Archetypes Universelles”.

Take care.

In my book on FRACTALS, I ponder more at length on this issue of corroboration and correspondence between the whole and the parts. I also  introduce the recent Philosophical concept of CHAOS. “CHAOS, not peace, is really the builder. CHAOS exists to break down the primitive substance prior to its change into a higher substance, that is the Law of Transmutation. We are continuously transmuting, converting one thing to another”. Donald Beesley. I talk about imperfection and “error”, randomness and unpredictability, and dissipation. This new CHAOS theory really helps us looking at the whole picture. Life is an Order within a disorganized CHAOS. There is no mistake in the Universe. And there is no mistake in us either. This thought generates profound Psychological implications, because, no matter what, we are always in harmony with the totality of things. From then on, our very anxious need to control and try too hard can be released. Next, the Peace of the Spheres can open up inside of us. With the Music too.

A beautiful sky in Switzerland

A beautiful sky in Switzerland

PS :

“I find free will to be an emergence of a nonlinear, dynamic system.

Jan 26, ’11 12:20 PM

I’ve the feeling that for a long time not only mathematicians and physicists, but more important philosophers have overlooked the underlying non linear dynamical systems which are apparently random and quite unpredictable unpredictable and in debates about emerging freewill this shows.
By ignoring the non linear I easily see to camps in debating our emerging “free will”:  pro (not deterministic) and con (deterministic).
But if you add the non linear they both are wrong and right. (bummer)

First Just imagine free will to be emerging from just a linear system, that is to say, a system that follows predictable patterns and arrangements.  Free will would be the result of just a linear equation, a linear function, linear algebra, linear programming or a linear accelerator.

The problem I meet is that I do not live in an even remotely linear world.
For me, my world can easily be categorized as nonlinear.
It is just more easy to think in linear forms, true, instead of adding the none linear factor.
But you can do it in more ways, and it already exists:
Chaos theory for example is the mathematics of studying such nonlinear, dynamic systems.
So why not reapply this theory on our apparent “free will” emergence?

The acceptable definition of chaos theory states it to be the qualitative study of unstable a periodic behavior in deterministic nonlinear dynamical systems.  Sounds like human behavior to me. ^_^

A dynamical system may be defined to be a simplified model for the time-varying behavior of an actual system, and a periodic behavior is simply the behavior that occurs when no variable describing the state of the system undergoes a regular repetition of values (in our case this regular repetition is observed within time frames).

As a result an a-periodic behavior never repeats itself in exactly the same form (you may do something twice but never in the same detailed way or on the same time, your time line does not stop) and it continues to manifest the effects of any small perturbation.
Any prediction of a future state in a given system that is a-periodic is impossible. (remember fractals)
Just assess the idea of observing apparent free will and you’ll find it to be the result of an a-periodic behavior to.
One may look at a human’s life.
My life from birth to death is an evolution and is a-periodic since there are broad patterns in the rise and fall of my being, i even can understand those living patterns etc they may be sketched and time runs on. However, no events ever repeat in my life in exactly the same way, and if I observe it from within my lifespan, it certainly does not repeat not in relation to time.

What I find so incredibly interesting about free will being part of or explained by chaos theory is that my unstable a-periodic behavior can be found in mathematically simple systems. But if I write them down I’ll find these very simple mathematical systems to display my behavior being so complex and unpredictable that it is acceptable to merit their descriptions as random. (debatable term) No wonder I’m writing so many rants.

Free will as an observable result of a chaotic system which is mandatory to our everyday life.

To turn back to why many philosophers think linear is just that the calculations, observations involved in studying free will as a chaos is repetitive, boring and easily numbers in the millions of observations. It is only logical to find them running behind already computed facts.

Luckily I don’t have to consciously endure the boredom of all the non linear calculations representing my apparent free will, I can live them, no questions asked.
As I cannot really explore the chaos of free will without a life.

So what is  for me the basic principle of free will being part of chaos theory?
The Butterfly Effect: you want,  you loose
For want of a nail, my shoe was lost;
For want of my shoe, my horse was lost;
For want of my horse, my rider was lost;
For want of my rider, the battle was lost;
For want of a battle, my kingdom was lost!

Small variations in initial conditions result in huge, dynamic transformations in concluding events within consciousness of me.
That is to say that there was no nail, and, therefore, the kingdom was lost.

If you make graphs about this you’ll soon see that what seem to be identical, dynamic systems appear to diverge as time goes on until all resemblance disappears.(fractals again) Our complete history can be traced and mapped in this way, and many old sayings already tried to capture parts of this flow.

The Lorenz Attractor.
Edward Lorenz, a curious meteorologist, was looking for a way to model the action of the chaotic behavior of a gaseous system. Hence, he took a few equations from the physics field of fluid dynamics, simplified them, and got the following three-dimensional system:




Delta represents the “Prandtl number,” the ratio of the fluid viscosity of a substance to its thermal conductivity; however, one does not have to know the exact value of this constant; hence, Lorenz simply used 10. The variable “r” represents the difference in temperature between the top and bottom of the gaseous system. The variable “b” is the width to height ratio of the box which is being used to hold the gas in the gaseous system. Lorenz used 8/3 for this variable. The resultant x of the equation represents the rate of rotation of the cylinder, “y” represents the difference in temperature at opposite sides of the cylinder, and the variable “z” represents the deviation of the system from a linear, vertical graphed line representing temperature.

If you want you can use this formula to represent emerging free-will ; you just have to identify the parameters in relation to your observed behavior and environment

If one were to plot for my free-will the three differential equations on a three-dimensional plane, using the help of a computer of course, no geometric structure or even complex curve would appear; instead, a weaving object known as the Lorenz Attractor would appear.

Because my behavior never exactly repeats itself, the trajectory never intersects itself. Instead it will loop around forever until time runs out, being my death in reality.

The problem is to identify an initial position of the projectory (birth of any kind). But if I succeed the points will just generate and graph the Lorenz Attractor of my free will in 3-D.

If one of you is more familiar with the above one knows it will continue weaving back and forth between two wings.
Showing : my motion seemingly random, my very action mirroring the chaos which drives the process. etc.
PS : since our world is classified as a dynamical, complex system, our lives, our weather, and our experiences will never repeat they should form patterns.

Try the Lorenzian Waterwheel of merging free will.

Take a circular action; divide it in several different tasks with sometime of none action in between, the repeating actions will slowly lose your interest (working as the holes in his buckets)
Make sure you can’t approach the actions in any different way . The entire system is driven by the the constant gain of knowledge, wealth or interest leading up to result (waterspout).

If during your action you gain understanding of your actions and you constantly work your circle you’ll just finish the job and as the constant stream of information propels you to go on, you’ll live at a constant rate (look at our day to day life. Going to work earn some money, sleep etc.
If you increase the flow of labor, knowledge etc, your life you’ll see an interesting phenomena.

The increased velocity results in a chaotic motion of your apparent free will and life. Just as his waterwheel would revolve in one direction as before, but then it would suddenly jerk about and revolve in the opposite direction you’ll act the same way.
And this because the filling and emptying of the buckets is no longer synchronized; the system becomes chaotic. Suddenly your life has never an instance where it is in a fairly similar place twice. Still a graph of your life and behavior would resemble the Lorenz Attractor.

Chaos and randomness are for me no longer ideas of a hypothetical world.

Not only for me but many others a basis for chaos is established in the Butterfly Effect, the Lorenz Attractor, and the Lorenz Waterwheel therefore, there must be an immense world of chaos beyond the rudimentary fundamentals, just imagine.

“If we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist.”
Stephen Hawking

Have fun with your chaotic emerging free will, debate it as much as you like
But enjoy life.”

Thank you Erik.

Take care.

An opposite DREAM… Friday, Jan 2 2009 

Dust cannot gather if there is no mirror there THE TAO

Dust cannot gather if there is no mirror there  THE TAO

This is something completely familiar and inherent to our present life on EARTH that there is a HERE and there is an OUT THERE. We experience life as both a place here, and a place out there. There is us, me, I … and them, or the other.

I remember that I was 18 when I discovered that “the little Philosopher” ( “le petit Philosophe” ), cannot see himself. I did a quick comical drawing with him standing on a kind of little mount,… with crossed eyes. He could not see himself. He had to use a MIRROR.

But then,

in the MIRROR, he would see himself in REVERSE, that is RIGHT  for LEFT, and LEFT for RIGHT.

Interesting to notice that if you draw a thin CENTRAL line, it cancels the REVERSAL  impression. That is what the QABBALAH Tree of Life is about. The Sephiroth on the LEFT and RIGHT Pillars, are complementary and OPPOSED to each other. The Qabbalist Scholars have created a complex system of BALANCE and EQUILIBRIUM, on many levels, in order to work out at best this phenomena of OPPOSITES.

Regardless of that, the CENTRAL pillar is like that thin line at the center of the MIRROR , that one that can know no REVERSE and no OPPOSITE. This is why it is called the GOLDEN Pillar.


This GOLDEN line, incidentally, is also the famous GOLD of the Alchemists.

So, what about us ?

Shall we choose the GOLDEN line, which is the reconciliation of everything ?

Let’s have a closer look why we have gotten entangled in this jungle of OPPOSITES in the first place.

I think it started way back, in the earlier times of our life on EARTH, when we were gathered at night around a protective and courageous Alpha male, and with the company of a blessed life saving big fire, that had to stay burning at all cost; we learned that the dark unknown OUT THERE was a no no, both terrifying and truly dangerous.

So wild animals were to us justifiably very scary. But also there was the need to protect our territory from the neighboring aggressive tribes around. And we ourselves, had to be fierce and aggressive to them in REVERSE.

There you are : the CENTRAL fire, the Alpha male or Hero or “god”, and the enemies OUT THERE.

We got divided and divided and divided. We learned how to establish a separation between “US” and “THEM”, and to recognize the varied signs indicating the presence of an enemy. Ironically (?), our “enemies” were doing exactly the same thing. And next, well … the fittest survived, and someone, in recent HISTORY, has explained this as the “Law of Evolution”.

Much later in History, one can recall some smart attempts towards reconciliation, or, at least, humble pleas towards the reception of something benevolent and literary life giving. For example, I am thinking of EGYPT ( a LEO Country ) and its century long partnership with … the STARS.

This leads us to the very interesting and very useful study of the phenomena of OPPOSITES and partnership in ASTROLOGY.

Let’s start with ARIES. This fierce and brave male, ruled by MARS, has for OPPOSITE and partner : LIBRA. LIBRA is definitely feminine as it is ruled by VENUS the goddess of beauty. LIBRA is considerate, courteous, seductive, diplomatic and peaceful. LIBRA counterbalances the combating ARIES, who is determined to  parade his physical strength in the context of competition, challenge, and even war. But ARIES is straightforward and true to his word, when LIBRA is indecisive, easily manipulated, and … manipulative. ARIES will go for what it wants directly and forthrightly, when LIBRA will play the opportunist. GERMANY is ARIES, and ITALY is LIBRA. The Olympic Games were created during the Grand ARIES Era. Greece, ROME, and other MEDITERRANEAN Countries, dominated the  Western World with their courteous policy of exchange, and  beautiful architecture and sculptures.

TAURUS has for OPPOSITE and partner SCORPIO. This very practical Earthy sign ruled by VENUS, is sensible, down-to-earth, and uncomplicated, but has to associate with this incredibly complex and tormented SCORPIO. SCORPIO is not satisfied with mid stream and trendy opinions. To its peril sometimes. To go so deep in all those dark and unknown places can be life threatening, but SCORPIO is never afraid. It is ruled by PLUTO ( now believed to be our further Asteroid Belt ). And TAURUS is there to the rescue, providing shelter, good food, sustenance, and… its unmistakable charm. SPAIN and all the Mediterranean Countries are TAURUS, and so are the Countries on the same latitude, such as BRAZIL, for example. RUSSIA is SCORPIO. And is influencing that way the EASTERN EUROPE Countries. SOUTH AMERICA is probably SCORPIO. The worship of the great BULL took place during the Grand TAURUS Era. MESOPOTAMIA and ASSYRIA were the dominant Countries. It was an Era that saw the construction of the PYRAMIDS and other  magnificent buildings.

GEMINI, ruled by MERCURY,  has for OPPOSITE and partner SAGITTARIUS. GEMINI are two twin brothers, and as such is, at the very least, disturbed by its divided self. It seeks the peace of reconciliation or at least synthesis with its one pointed companion SAGITTARIUS. The Fiery SAGITTARIUS, ruled by JUPITER, reigns confidently and assertively over the solution of all things. It says : “listen to me and I shall give you the truth, the only one truth”. Very comforting to GEMINI. But the over expansive and impulsive SAGITTARIUS, on its “wild horse”, can get carried away, and this is when the light minded GEMINI says : “The truth is not one but many; the World is made of all kind. Relax and play a little”. GEMINI is an Air sign and is the “butterfly” of the Zodiac. The USA is SAGITTARIUS. EUROPE is GEMINI. BELGIUM is GEMINI. JUDAISM is on this polarity GEMINI / SAGITTARIUS.

CANCER has for OPPOSITE and partner CAPRICORN. CAPRICORN is the serious and responsible Father. CANCER is the tender and nurturing Mother. Their partnership is known as …  Parents. CANCER is also a Water sign, ruled by the MOON, and is dreamy, psychic, artistic, and vulnerable. When the Earthy CAPRICORN, ruled by SATURN, is proud, hard working, ambitious and implacable. In control, and … a little too stubborn. So CANCER comes and tries to smooth down the sharp angles that show not only on the face of CAPRICORN, but on the trail that he leaves behind him. CHINA and neighboring Countries are CAPRICORN. The Mountainous and Nordic Countries, such as SWITZERLAND and SCOTLAND, are CAPRICORN. The two Poles are CAPRICORN. ISLAM is on this polarity CAPRICORN / CANCER. AFRICA is CANCER. We are just entering a ( short ) CAPRICORN Period that will last approximately 90 years.

LEO has for OPPOSITE and partner AQUARIUS. When watching for the Stars in the night sky is something not very new, AQUARIUS is very new, and intends to make its presence felt totally,  in its downright annoying ( but exciting and uplifting ) way, that is : contrary, unpredictable, extreme, changeable, free, light, and completely revolutionary. Also, the Aquarian sense of humour is at the very least, … bizarre. This is because AQUARIUS has a very little ego, but an immense sense of the group. So, with all that, the somewhat narcissist and not humble fiery LEO is having a hard time, but …  ultimately, “the Queen is amused”, so all ends well. LEO is generous and has a “Heart of GOLD”. On a more serious note, the Airy AQUARIUS, ruled by URANUS, is the people, when LEO, ruled by the SUN, represents the Gods and Kings of … the past. Their partnership goes like that : the “King” cannot do without his people, in the same way that the “Star” cannot do without his Public. FRANCE and EGYPT is LEO. And a little bit of SPAIN and BRAZIL is too ( with TAURUS ), and probably POLAND ( with SCORPIO), as well. And SAUDI ARABIA ( with TAURUS ). AUSTRALIA is AQUARIUS, and is influencing that way some of the Far East Countries close by. I think that we have entered the Grand new AQUARIUS Era in the late 1960’s, although the Aquarian energy came much earlier, slowly but surely. It will last for 2160 years, approximately.

VIRGO has for OPPOSITE and partner, the Watery PISCES, ruled by NEPTUNE. VIRGO is anxious to “get it perfect”, when PISCES is not anxious at all because it feels that it does not belong “here”. The Earthy VIRGO, ruled by MERCURY, is organized, methodical and brainy, when PISCES has left “all the cares of the world behind”. The partnership is therefore definitely OPPOSITE and complementary. I think it is VIRGO that created the Black and White flooring of our Cathedrals, during the Grand PISCES Era. And it is PISCES who gave ecstasies to the holiest Saints. INDIA is PISCES. TIBET is PISCES ( with CAPRICORN ). ENGLAND is VIRGO.

You guess that this little Astrological study is utterly incomplete, to the point of being somewhat misleading. But it just gives a good clue related to our present subject : that of OPPOSITE and REVERSE.



What is interesting, although I mentioned many Countries here, is how this functions in our individual lives. To know oneself is a good thing. To know others is a good thing too.

So, unless you are privileged enough to have a Mutual Reception in your Chart, and or even better, with the Chart of another,  your partner, ( a Mutual Reception is when the Ruler of one Sign is in the OPPOSITE Sign, … twice;  for example, MOON in CAPRICORN, and SATURN in CANCER. Or, URANUS in LEO, and SUN in AQUARIUS. But a Mutual Reception does not occur necessarily in the OPPOSITE Sign; for instance, since 2003, the World NEPTUNE and the World URANUS have been in Mutual Reception, which explains all the recent devastating weather upheavals …) you may find it difficult to put yourself in the other person shoes.

In Astrology, partnerships are studied with the HOUSE I, and the HOUSE VII; also called ASCENDANT and DESCENDANT. I have heard many times that the other is the MIRROR of oneself. Well, yes, because, ultimately, in your Chart, this House VII of partnership is …yours ! So it is the other, yes, but in your eyes, in your life;  and not necessarily in the eyes of the other.

To make matter worse, or, let’s say, a little bit more complicated, it is the same for your partner : his House VII is not you, but you, in his eyes.

Never mind, this HOUSE VII is also the OPPOSITE and complementary of your self, the HOUSE I, that is, the consciousness that you have of yourself. In other words, perhaps something close to your unconscious, or what some call : the SHADOW.

Why is it called a Shadow ? Because NATURE wants to be WHOLE. Yourself, you want to be WHOLE. So, when there is a part in you that is not acknowledged, that is not brought into light, then some one will come along, and will play  the Shadow part for you. It is a bit like the  ( black ) YIN and the  ( white ) YANG, well, the WHOLENESS is the sphere that contains both. And when you do not recognize this but say : “It is you ! It is you !”, then you do what is called a projection. Because in reality it is you, yourself, and not him or her or them.. This Shadow part can be played by either a situation or by a person.

And as our self- awareness changes and grows, these Shadow parts come and go.

( see my article : “It is about TIME” where I explain that we are all ONE )

The irony is that yourself can also play a Shadow part for another, or some others, more often than not.

What is less ironical is that one can take on the Shadow part of another, that of a person who feels too clean or too pure to carry its own Shadow. It does happen, I am afraid. So then, your illness or ailment or misery is not necessary your own, and it takes a while to understand from where it really comes from. It can happen similarly with ghosts…, that is the mysterious presence of departed loved ones, who are sometimes still very unhappy.

Can we at times love our Shadow part ? Yes, for instance, when we say to someone : “You make me feel complete”.

Can we at times dislike our Shadow part ? Yes, for instance, when we find someone else down right irritating.

Now, we must not feel guilty about our likes and dislikes. To love everything, yes, but to like everything, is another story. We are all different and unique. And it is good to be like that. The World is made of all kind. What suits some does not necessarily suit some others. What is worth noticing is that, again and again, we meet our OPPOSITES in our environment, or in the people close to us – for instance, children are often the OPPOSITES of their parents -, this is quite normal, it is again the balancing act of NATURE. It is life, the secret will to live, that brings about this phenomenon.

So, I am going to give you a clue on how to “CANCEL” something that you find really annoying. Like, for instance, what you may feel is a bad habit in a close one, or a trait in a person that you perceive is painful and useless, or a waste, and the like. Do not worry. No one will be harmed.

It goes like that :  first, you have to realize that you are saying to yourself that you would never do such a thing, or behave in such a way. Probably very justifiably so, because I believe you have your very good reasons for thinking like that. This is not the point.

Second, just do it.

Yes, do it yourself, do the same for a while.

And you will see … It will work ! The enervating  situation will slowly disappear.

To “CANCEL” someone is to give them exactly what they want, or to MIRROR them.

To “CANCEL” a situation, same. Or, alternatively, with a little bit of knowledge in ASTROLOGY, one can embrace the same energy, but at a higher turn of the SPIRAL. It works too. For instance, the fiery SAGITTARIUS, at a lower turn of the SPIRAL, is very preachy, impulsive, tactless. It is “over weight” too. Larger than life. Do not fight this. In yourself, or in another, or in a situation. Simply stay with the SAGITTARIUS energy, but go higher. SAGITTARIUS, at a higher turn of the SPIRAL, is benevolent, confident, optimist. It loves to travel, to expand physically or mentally. And so much more, the “lower’ or “higher” has no limits. You can work out like this all the Signs of the ZODIAC.

We have been taught to fight and to be in the belligerent position when things go “wrong”. So the “good” fight the “bad”, and the “bad” fight the “good”. I am not talking about violence at all, here. I am talking about how we immediately go against, and position ourselves in OPPOSITION, when we want a result. But it is precisely this OPPOSITION that keeps the conflict alive, because OPPOSITES nurture, they do not CANCEL. ( Why do you think this LEFT and RIGHT was invented in POLITICS ?! ). Life on EARTH is kept going because of DUALITY. DUALITY means life, physical life. The all important BREATHING, which involves a perpetual round of two movements, IN and OUT, means physical life. It is the very first thing that we expect from a BABY who has just been born.

Here is a charming story : it is said that when GOD, who IS, tried to find a force that would create the World, he took a simple RUBBER BAND, and started to extend it. After a while, He felt the growing resistance of the Rubber Band. He had found that force that would create the World : the Rubber Band trying to go back to its peaceful poise, and escape the two OPPOSITE hands that pulled it into two ANTIPODAL directions. Like this :


Consequently, we do live in a world of OPPOSITES, and the DUALITY keeps us here.

I guess that SPIRITUALITY is the reconciliation of everything. And the route away from this pulling apart force that created life on EARTH. Spirituality is the GOLDEN PILLAR that we saw earlier on the Qabbalah Tree of Life. It has no REVERSE and no OPPOSITE. A truly spiritual person is not a belligerent one. Spirituality is a Mystical center. It is ONE and unified. Some called it THE HIGHER SELF, quite justifiably, because not only it synthesizes all DICHOTOMY, but also it has the privilege of the highest view, or higher perspective, above TIME and space. It is.

It is … beyond judgement and ANTAGONISM, either towards others, or towards oneself. It is incredibly “cool” and cheerful. ALL IS WELL.



Yes, DEATH, BIRTH, or just going to sleep, or going into a trance state, is to go through that PASSAGE, where nothing is the same again. It is like a REVERSE, where the INNER becomes the OUTER, the PAST becomes the FUTURE, and where the PRESENT is ETERNAL, and much more. Interestingly, it is said that above DA-AT, on the Qabbalah tree, one meets with the DIVINE MIRROR. Which signifies that one now realizes how much one has lived so far in a DREAM world, like in an opposite DREAM

It is said that the TWILIGHT is a period, or a state of obscurity, ambiguity, or gradual decline. Or gradual awakening. So, to me DUSK and DAWN are PASSAGE moments as well.

To meet and recognize you SOUL MATE for the first TIME, is a PASSAGE moment.

You may have noticed that the drawing above is, … upside down. It is just a little whim from me, to show how all this is related to the TAROT card : THE HANGED MAN, Arcana XII. ( the Universal-Waite deck ).

By the way, all  that we “see” goes first INVERTED on our retinas,  like this :

invert And the famous CAMERA OBSCURA functions in accordance with this phenomena of REVERSE and INVERSION also :


It is well known that the LEFT part of our BRAIN corresponds with the RIGHT part of our body, and that the RIGHT part of our brain corresponds with the LEFT part of our body.

On a lighter note ( or … is it ? ), it is fun to track down opposites in some words that are in common use nowadays. Watch these :

  • DVD, or DAVID, or the Star of David.
  • CD, ( Washington DC )
  • OXO
  • NASA
  • HOMO
  • the FOOL,  ( here the F is the MIRROR reverse of the L )
  • MIRROR (!)
  • ABBA,  ( in the original Name, the first B is even the MIRROR reverse of the second B )
  • POPE
  • POP (!)
  • PAPA
  • MAMA
  • can you think of any others ?

Similar opposites (!), are noticeable with numbers, ( dates, and phone numbers, for example, used in the Medias ), such as these few examples below, taken at random :

  • 1515
  • 1979
  • 1989
  • 2000
  • 2002
  • 20 00 02, and the like
  • all the 01010101 and 1001010110, etc, of our Computers, and Supermarkets bar codes
  • 808
  • 707
  • 404, 505, 606, (the serial numbers of the PEUGEOT cars )
  • 121, 434, 585, and so many others.

In my article : “It is about TIME“, there are more interesting findings about this REVERSE phenomena, and “twilight” or ZERO zone.

Now, no wonder that the Divine is associated with the PYRAMID. From the painful separation that comes from the dividing TWO, ( fascinating that the TAROT card THE DEVIL, Arcana XV, is a monster who keeps a female and a male separated and in chains… ), the reconciliation takes place in the THREE, and after that is the Divine endowment with the PYRAMID. Is this the reason why the PHARAOHS wanted to be buried in PYRAMIDS ? And why some times a PYRAMID appears as if out of nowhere in a big City ?


Also, it is quite probable that underneath a Pyramid, there is another Pyramid, hidden.

The Louvre PYRAMID in Paris

The inversed Pyramid underground

The inverted Pyramid underground

Notice the presence of many LOZENGES. I have seen them elsewhere in more recent buildings, like inside the grandiose Town Hall of Astana, in Kazakhstan.


The shape is interesting because, on the Qabbalah Tree, one can draw an imaginary TRIANGLE between KETHER,  BINAH and CHOKMAH. And another TRIANGLE between BINAH, TIPHARETH, and CHOKMAH. The two make a LOZENGE. The superior or “supernal” TRIANGLE is REVERSE to the inferior TRIANGLE, hence it is called the DIVINE MIRROR. And when this goes REVERSE again, we have, … the Great “X”.

The highly Symbolic Pyramid relates to the FOUR, or “Divine Manifestation”. It is also associated with the famous and sacred FIVE, or QUINTESSENCE, which is the most refined and perfect. The TOP of the Pyramid is the FIVE. From there comes the TOP of the MOUNTAIN, or place of INITIATION in CAPRICORN. Also, it is the place of “THE ALL SEEING EYE”, place of the highest perspective. FIVE is linked with the STAR, or PENTACLE. See also below the Esoteric VITRUVIAN MAN of Leonardo Di Vinci which represents again that perfect FIVE.



So the GOLDEN LINE, or HIGHER SELF, has lead to the DIVINE. It is a life where everything is reconciled, where separation has ended. It is a life prompted by the SOUL. What is remarkable is that Esotericism says that from then on, the WHEEL will turn in the REVERSE direction. Which WHEEL ? The Astrological WHEEL, or that one of the Cycles of TIME. “When life has been transformed from the personal to the impersonal, the individual is fully anchored in the SOUL’s orientation”, I read, “and the WHEEL”, ( the personal Astrological Chart ), “mutates accordingly, REVERSES,” and starts moving clockwise from PISCES to ARIES via VIRGO. It is called the COSMIC Chart. Because TIME moves clockwise as well, it explains how such elevation provides a feeling of being above TIME and space. As if TIME has stopped.

But what about the World WHEEL that turns in the OPPOSITE direction to the personal WHEEL, which is for the moment : clockwise? It has done so for centuries and centuries. Probably so for 25 920 years (!). For instance, we just have moved out of the grand PISCES Era into the new grand AQUARIUS Era. I think that when the World INITIATION will take place in the grand CAPRICORN Era, in apprxt 2160 years, then this World WHEEL will mutate and REVERSE as well.

HOMEOPATHY, what a fascinating subject. Well, it is : ” like heals the like”, as I mentioned before, isn’t it ? Yes, but, … not quite. HOMEOPATHY has definitely something to do with the SPIRITUAL. The substance is so shaken and so diluted that it becomes ESSENCE, or SPIRIT. It as if this shaking treatment has induced THE PASSAGE on the substance. And we know now that beyond THE PASSAGE, everything is reversed. There you go. HOMEOPATHY works according to this subtle “in-between” state. It gives a message to the SOUL, to then which the body responds. Because our lives is the MIRROR projection of the SOUL’s life, remember. What we suffer here is the REVERSE of that which our SOUL suffers. For instance, being physically over weight could mean being spiritually too thin… Ups ! I let you work out all these physical / spiritual DICHOTOMIES because it is a delicate subject. But think about it. ARTHRITIS for instance, inflammation of the bones leading to painful stiffness, could mean a SOUL that is too gentle and condescending… etc. Old people suffer this illness sometimes because they have “given up”, and have become totally dependent. They have no choice. ALZHEIMER could mean that the SOUL cannot wait to talk … But what is the language of the SOUL ?! Is there anybody there to listen, to understand ? PARKINSON could mean that the SOUL has fallen into a stale mate, is too still and cannot move or move on any more, that there is a kind of blockage.

These are not so stupid thoughts because SCIENCE has discovered that the World is made of MATTER and ANTI-MATTER. And that each minute particle has an anti-particle : equal and opposite, or “feminine” and “masculine”.

If by chance they meet, … they vanish, they simply disappear ! They cancel themselves out.

One cannot meet the DIVINE MIRROR and live… ever the same again.

So in order to CANCEL something or to make it disappear, ( to “disappear”, meaning essentially to move to another DIMENSION ), what is proper is to make meet two equal and OPPOSITES. OPPOSITE here means  the SPIRITUAL, or ANTI-MATTER, versus the PHYSICAL, or MATTER. The in-between two worlds again. This is why the PHARAOHS wanted to mate with the STARS …

Something else, Isaac Newton once stated that : “to each action there is an equal and OPPOSITE reaction “. Fine, but I know so many people who has taken this quote to illustrate the so-called law of KARMA.

KARMA does not exist simply because TIME does not exist. Of course TIME exists in our daily life, or in the conception we have of our daily life. If one plants a seed, and takes care, it will surely, in TIME, bring about a healthy plant. But if KARMA is explained as : the consequence of our actions, good or bad, that will return to us one day, … NOP … The physical cannot return to us through the air. There is no consequence in the SPIRITUAL. Do not worry and take care. The only and single body that can ever punish ( or reward ) you is … yourself, or your misled self. There is no punishment and no reward. No one deserves anything, and every one deserves everything.

Moreover, we have seen that in the Physical, it is very much likely that we meet our OPPOSITES than the exact so-called equal consequences of our previous actions.

KARMA came to us recently as a “gentle” replacement to the century old belief in HEAVEN and HELL. It made sense to a lot of people. It seemed fair. But, really, it is just a scarecrow, based on the pendulum of the GOOD and BAD, and is spiritually non viable.

Having said that, you are building your own house, so to speak . The World is made of all kind. There are many Worlds. To which House or World will you belong ? To which House or World do you belong ? Well, to the one you cultivate, inside, outside, everywhere. That World is from the SOUL and is very likely to be with you over many life TIMES, according to some mysterious cycle patterns that do exist also in the Spiritual. You may own several Houses or Worlds too. In truth, life is MULTI-DIMENSIONAl.

Interestingly, about THE MIRROR, … I reckon a MIRROR can give us a glimpse into the MULTI-DIMENSIONAl. Well, two MIRRORS, to be precised. Take a small MIRROR, and go towards a large MIRROR, like the one on a wardrobe. Face the large MIRROR, while holding the smaller MIRROR facing the larger MIRROR as well. What do you see ? Infinity, YEP. To me, it is the FIFTH DIMENSION.


FIFTH DIMENSION ! The reflection of the reflectin of a MIRROR

 FIVE dimension

WAR and ENEMIES. It is possible to try to understand why this kind of thing can happen at all, if one studies the solar HOUSES XII and  I , alternatively and in comparison.

When one Period starts, such as for instance the SCORPIO / TAURUS Period started in 1830, it becomes the solar HOUSE I of the world, and the Country or Countries associated with this Sign is likely to dominate on the scene of the World. It means also that another Country becomes the solar HOUSE XII of the WORLD, and is likely to suffer torment, exile, separation, humiliation and defeat. LIBRA was the HOUSE XII during this SCORPIO / TAURUS Period. And ITALY is LIBRA. See my article : “It is about TIME” for more on these cyclical Periods of TIME.

Just few examples :

LIBRA / ARIES  Period : 1740 – 1830

SCORPIO / TAURUS  Period : 1830 – 1920

SAGITTARIUS / GEMINI  Period : 1920 – 2010

CAPRICORN / CANCER  Period : 2010 – 2100

The POLARITIES  seem to be working in unison here, and not in OPPOSITION. The OPPOSITION is between the HOUSE XII and the HOUSE I.

The study of these Periods in TIME is a complex one, and my first -big- book is devoted entirely to these.

In our personal Chart, it works the same. We were born with a HOUSE XII. But, as we grow older, the HOUSE XII may change, because the HOUSE I is moving on ! ( one degree per year ). So that which “defeats” us changes too.

What is an enemy anyway ? What is a friend ? What is an ANTAGONISTIC situation ?

This little drawing below  shows how much LEFT becomes RIGHT, and RIGHT becomes LEFT, when one changes position.


Take care !

About the EARTH and our Local MARKET Places Friday, Dec 26 2008 


Variety of vegetables in China


Haikou wholesale vegetable market



China agriculture




Here are some beautiful pictures of agricultural CHINA.

But what about us ?

Why is this article related to Local MARKET Places ?

The reason is that I mentioned the new CAPRICORN Period in my previous article published late DECEMBER, called : “It is about TIME…“. We are now entering a new CAPRICORN Period, in 2010, in the context of the new grand AQUARIUS Era. And I said that CAPRICORN, as a EARTH Sign, relies upon the Signs of  VIRGO and TAURUS.

VIRGO relates to hygiene, diet and health. It is a “modest” Sign that deals with gentleness, and courtesy. Courtesy to MOTHER EARTH. And gratitude, as SEPTEMBER is the TIME of Harvest. VIRGO can be very focused, and can apply all its attention, with minutiae and almost perfection, to that which other “superb” signs may miss, such as the very precious medicinal Herbs and other treasures of Nature. VIRGO, with its opposite and complementary Sign PISCES, can provide healing. This Sign is ruled by MERCURY. ENGLAND is VIRGO.

TAURUS is a great EARTH Sign. Thanks to TAURUS, we have the best hard working men and women of the land, the FARMERS. We have also the gardeners, the land owners. and the builders. Builders of buildings, and builders of MONEY. They are the MIDAS of the ZODIAC. They are down-to-earth, uncomplicated, sensible and practical. And they can cook very well indeed. They are the CHEFS of the kitchen to entertain their ( and our ) palate, as this Sign is very sensual. This Sign is ruled by VENUS. SPAIN, BRAZIL are TAURUS and LEO. The MEDITERRANEAN Countries are TAURUS, and any other Countries on the Globe that are on the same Latitude.

And that explains a lot of things.

It explains why we are so EARTH focused at this period in TIME. We are bombarded with ; ” 5 fruits and veg a day”, and healthy Organic eating, and return to  Nature, and responsible farming, and gardening, and how to grow your own vegetables, and Local MARKETS, and living in the Country, and home and garden renovation, etc.

Because “we are saving the PLANET”.

Because we must use the EARTH resources wisely.

So what happened ?

Do take a look at that article : “It is about TIME…“, towards the end of it, and read again the key words for SAGITTARIUS, and the key words for CAPRICORN. You will see the contrast between the two, almost a REVERSE. Just as a reminder, the USA is SAGITTARIUS, on the polarity with EUROPE as GEMINI, CHINA and ISLAM, SCOTLAND and SWITZERLAND, and the far NORTH is CAPRICORN, on the polarity with AFRICA as CANCER.

We have just left the SAGITTARIUS / GEMINI Period. That one that believed in expansion, benevolence and protection, “Providence”, betterment, growth, optimism, faith and abundance. Very AMERICAN. But from now on, during this new CAPRICORN / CANCER Period we shall have to rely upon economy, sparsity, prudence, austerity, perfection, quality and hard work. Very CHINESE.

It is a matter of survival.

It is also a matter of purifying our senses from the Over The Top consumerism that recently, ( the last 30 years or so ), swept away our better understanding of what it is to live on EARTH.

I love shopping in SUPERMARKETS, there offer an abundance of very tempting goods at a very reasonable price. They were created to provide for the enormous increase of population soon after the second World War. They were also created to give us a feeling of well-being and abundance. It just happened : the population increased, goods for sale increased, and finances increased. A very prosperous period for Capitalism in the WEST.

But now, as I explained in “It is about TIME“, all this is on a decline slope, that is…falling, and or changing.

People are rightfully doubting SUPERMARKETS ( notice the word : “SUPER” which evokes the inclination for gigantism that is so characteristic of the SAGITTARIUS Period ), as their methods may not be so good for our health at all. I am not an expert in food, but I think that now every one is suspecting that SUPERMARKETS do sell food all year round, ( like : wine, fruits and vegetables, flowers, plants, herbs ), that defy the natural course of SEASONS, ( because we were not TIME wise and too impatient and indulgent ), therefore  somewhat “forced” artificially, with methods that…have made our physical body grow bigger ! And weaker. We have lost touch with LIFE, as far as our food is concerned. We have all heard of the abundance of Palm oil, growth Hormones,  starch, sugar and salt, fertilizers, pesticides, artificial colorants and artificial flavors, emulsifiers, and preservatives, in SUPERMARKETS food. It feels good. But it is just literally too much. And anyone with a little bit of sensitivity and compassion can only be very sad indeed that animals ( fish, chicken, ducks, turkeys, pigs, lambs,  and cows  ) have been enslaved and tortured in the process.

Next, it is fascinating to observe how EUROPEAN Countries that can enjoy Local MARKETS, therefore seasonal home grown products, such as SPAIN, FRANCE, ITALY, do not seem to suffer this “obesity” syndrome at all. They look so healthy, energetic and well.

There you go.

Another big (!) issue is that of transportation. During the SAGITTARIUS / GEMINI Period, TRAVEL, transport and transportation took a turn for the better  :  cars, trains, planes, etc. There were “fueled” by the products of the late SCORPIO / TAURUS Period, that is COAL and PETROL. But now SCORPIO is moving into the solar XI House of the World…And when you know that RUSSIA and EASTERN EUROPE ( and probably SOUTH AMERICA) are on the polarity SCORPIO / TAURUS, and all the MEDITERRANEAN Countries on the polarity TAURUS / SCORPIO, this is food  (!) for thoughts. This is going to be erratic, this OIL supply, and unpredictable, changeable, and entirely dependent upon the will of the people, that is the fortunate owners of this PETROL resource in question.

There have been so many plane accidents in recent years, to warn us and to tell us that long distance traveling will eventually become a thing of the PAST, and  that it is wiser to stay where we are and work and live locally. They also make a big fuss of that CO 2 emission affair, for the same reasons. It is detrimental to the long distance commercial transport system, that involves trucks and big lorries and their vast amount of PETROL consumption. I suspect this will be the main “down fall” of SUPERMARKETS, in a near or  far future.

Talking about the weather, or weather change, or this “Global warming” phenomena, I do not see it quite that way. Because we are moving into a CAPRICORN Period of 90 years apprxt, in the context of the new Grand AQUARIUS Era, the weather is more likely to be : EXTREME, ERRATIC, CHANGEABLE, and UNPREDICTABLE. ( similar to the weather of AUSTRALIA, who happens to be an AQUARIAN Country ). So, when it is going to be cold, it will be really cold, then suddenly amazingly mild for the season. When hot, it will soon turn into soaring temperatures. When it is going to rain, it will pour down massive amount of water in a short moment. If it is windy, it wiil turn into small or big hurricanes in no TIME at all. Same for snow, hail, tornados, earth movements, landslides, storms, fog, floods, tsunamis, etc. Let’s hope that the same erratic and extreme conditions  will not take place also among : molecules, bugs, virus, microbes, bacterias, pathogens, affections, and the like, or we are in for epidemias after epidemias, crippling plants, animals, and humans, as if out of nowhere, alas. But it seems that it has all ready started…

OK; Western Capitalism cannot possibly be given a ride like that… about this OIL supply I mean.

So, what will happen next ?

We shall have to function locally, more and more. And learn SELF-SUSTENANCE, among our peers.

Also, Tony Blair has already told us that he is a great fan of Nuclear Energy, naturally.

We also have Solar Energy and Wind Mills now. With Electricity, these sources of Energy are very AQUARIAN.

Hopefully, trains and train Stations are going to be given a much welcome and necessary boost. Electricity is naturally an inexhaustible Energy. Gas is probably the same. So why are we told to “save Energy“, and why our suppliers in Electricity, Gas, and Water are making our bills more and more expensive, is because of the CAPRICORNIAN Agenda that says : sparsity, economy, austerity, and the like.

By the way, talking about WATER, this is to fulfill a “FLOOD occurrence phenomena”, which is recognized as a sign of change, great change, in Esotericism, that we had to suffer and witness so many tragedies in recent years. In the WEST,  I strongly suspect that “something” were done to our underground pipes in order to induce mild floods as soon as few showers would down pour from the sky…Observe well, and try to remember : do you ever recall in the PAST, having witnessed such amount of WATER on our roads and streets, WATER that does not seem to know where to go, after just 5 minutes of solid rain ? NOP. I don’t think so. Remember also how many times you were warned of local “WATER work” or  “pipe repair” in your street, in recent years…ups. So there, next, it is done, in our mind and emotions that is, the fear of natural disasters and how we have take care of the Planet EARTH...Or we shall perish.

Interestingly, CANCER, a WATER Sign, is the solar House VIII of SAGITTARIUS. I called the House VIII the HOUSE of destruction and reconstruction. AFRICA is CANCER.

RECYCLING is a big recent word, isn’t it ? It is being literally imposed on us, like all these street Cameras for instance,  ( they remind me of this formidable series of the 1960s called : “THE PRISONER”, precisely ). So why this new frenzy about RECYCLING ? well RECYCLING means : “careful we may lack”, or “EARTH provision may go shorter”, and “we must salvage every thing we can when we still can”, and  “we must save the Planet”, and “we must survive ” . Which is essentially CAPRICORNIAN . If you know any one who is a CAPRICORN, or rising CAPRICORN, notice how they keep safe, collect, gather, retain and hold on to possession.

Incidentally, notice this word : RECYCLING, that has recently took the World over. There is Cycling or Cycle in it. Something to do with the big Wheel again ( like that one in london and many other places) , turning point, changes, Time that is turning, a new CYCLE in Time.

To come back to our SUPERMARKETS products, suddenly came Nuts and dry Fruits! Preferably in quite a noticeable amount of quantity, right at the entrance. It is “good for you”. Well, Nuts and dry Fruits contain ZINC and Vitamin E which is very favorable to…our LIBIDO affairs. Yes, it increases appetite for SEX. ( ever wondered why so many men are growing some kind of …breasts ? Fruits and Vegetables and  whole Grain products contain Physto-Estrogen).

This is because the CAPRICORN Sign is very “infertile”, and this is detrimental to the Economy of the WEST. For instance, ITALY is LIBRA. LIBRA is the solar House X of the World. And ITALY is the less fertile Country of EUROPE, at this point in TIME, women choosing career over motherhood. There are a lot more of outstanding career women coming now, and not only in ITALY. Watch it. Careers in Politics notably.

old and new Cycles of TIME

against the normal solar House CHART

Now, something else you may like to be aware of, is the relatively new phenomena of PLACEBO. In cases where life is not in danger, naturally, a huge PLACEBO experiment has been put into motion. Our Local DOCTORS are not aware of this, so they are not to be blamed. It is probably coming from, and/or, orchestrated from SWITZERLAND completely secretly, of course. A PLACEBO is a “false pill”, or a “make-believe pill”. There is nothing in it, some starch, sugar, flavor, and the like. But it might work nonetheless, because we believe in it. Especially if it is a Medicine that we have been taking regularly. Or a Medicine that we are very familiar with, such as ASPIRIN.

So, why ?

That has to do with the Grand new AQUARIUS Era. And the leaving behind of the late Grand PISCES Era. PISCES, with his opposite and complementary VIRGO, was very much about, among many more other things : pain, suffering, ill-health, misery, torment, hurt, affliction, tribulation, etc, ( no wonder as ARIES – that ruled the previous Grand ARIES Era- is the Sign of life,  strength and beautiful physical body, and of self assertion, and it was by then in the solar House XII of the World ), and all the subsequent Medical provision and supply that we were compassionately served with, at least, thankfully, in more recent TIMES. And it is still in us. It is in our actual understanding of life and in our deep emotions. We are used, somewhat, to seeing our body suffering from various ailments. I do not say that pain, handicap, illness, disease are not true or a mind illusion. It is just that we are now learning how to get out of it. No need to pay or repay. No need for “punishment” anymore. No need for Sacrifice and/or for Martyrdom , and Salvation. This ancient GOD is no more. So, it is good news : in the future, our physical body ( and our animals and plants ) will not suffer so much. This is why now, we are trained to use the POWER of our MIND, which I can assure you is augmenting by the day, to take care of our health, instead of all these various Medical supports and care, that we still ( rightfully for now ), so much rely on. It is a question of TIME.

HOMEOPATHY is a very beautiful AQUARIAN remedy too, but it is not quite a PLACEBO. It is not the same. It functions according to this REVERSAL phenomena that I touched briefly in : “It is about TIME…“. ( see also my study : “An opposite DREAM” ).

Now, I leave you with the opportunity to read an amazing ARTICLE, as far as this new EARTH Period we are about to embrace is concerned. It contains all the right key words, in abundance : sustenance / responsibility / plant / animal / farm / nature / subsistence / family farms / time / seasonal rhythms of farming / energy of life / respect / economy / matter / earth resources / the land / food / agricultural / scarce resources / the idea of return based upon good stewardship / return to old questions / to conserve the soil / control / rural population / quality of food / astronomical calendar / sustainable / co-operation with nature / effort / most effective / finances / organic food / centralized distribution / “bioregional” approach / animal welfare / Netherlands / Italy / Sweden and Japan / New Zealand and Kenya / stability /storage /  Geneva / history / time / local farmers markets / final boundaries / recycling / to minimize environmental impact / to support farmers / policy / safety.


You will find it with the London Lucis Trust, in one of their WORLD GOODWILL Newsletters. That one was published as : number 3, for December 2007.  By the way,  I am very fond of the Lucis Trust of London. Check on :

Take care.

a garden in CHINA

It is about TIME… Friday, Dec 26 2008 

A Clock in London

An Hourglass

I am taking my TIME to write this article. I shall do several “drafts” first, write it during DECEMBER 2008, and publish it at the TIME when the SUN passes over the first degrees of CAPRICORN, ruled by SATURN, the great Lord of TIME. Yes, it is about TIME… that we change our mind about TIME. You may have watched an excellent TV program, on BBC 2, early DECEMBER last year, about the concept of TIME. The young Professor, Brian Cox, asked the question : “What TIME is it?”,  and demonstrated well how this question is pretty a hard one to answer ! As a Philosopher, I have been pondering on this subject for many years, wrote extensively about it in my first book, and here are some of my findings and thoughts. So, Brian Cox asked a pretty good question… …precisely. Philosophy always starts with questions, that are very unusual and/or quirky preferably,  yet simple and familiar,  and…the rest follow, or not, Ad Libitum. Philosophy (and Science) have very much to do with good thinking,  yes, but more importantly, with  good “reception”. I mean a good receptive mind, eyes to watch and ears to listen, in order to receive. It is strangely an… UPSIDE DOWN phenomena, and we shall see why as we go along. To receive, that is if “THE HEAVENS” are willing to reveal ( pour down ) some of their secrets, and this willingness always depends on TIME, like  : “Is it the right TIME now to manifest this or that TRUTH on Planet Earth ?”  Well, The Heavens say yes to this some TIME, and this explains why all over the World great discoveries seem to happen during the same TIME lapses, more or less. So, it is just a matter of TIME that we know everything ! Or is it ? If , as Brian Cox suggested, TIME is, ( it does not run, it does not pass, WE are the ones who are running / passing  through it ),  then it is the same for knowledge : TRUTH is, and we meet with some portions of that truth, when the TIME is right. OK; TIME is. Here are several little drawings for you. They show man relative to TIME, and TIME relative to man, in different ways :

img084 img085

( I suggest that you look in WIKIPEDIA for the beautiful -real- shape of an Ellipsoid ! ). The ROAD concept is an interesting one, because  if this road is ONE, that is : always there, then WE are the Past, the Present, the Future, although we appear to be WALKING, one step at a TIME. One step at a TIME, precisely, to do one step at a TIME, this is what we were told to do because of the belief  that we were on a road, a PATH, that would eventually lead us towards the goal that we ( were supposed to ) want to achieve. So a very LINEAR  type of thinking. From     A     to     C     through     B, sort of thing. With this, both the notions of SOURCE ( or SEED ) and CONSEQUENCE become paramount. And it is a completely DUAL ( black and white, good and bad, up and down ) way of thinking, no doubt. “Do make the RIGHT CHOICE or…perish”. UPS ! More about this later. and But Psychology and Hypnotism brought about the revelation that we can travel through TIME, in such a way that one experiences being truly Present to another moment in TIME, that moment being either Past or Future. May be yourself, one day,  have practiced  going BACK to your childhood, in order to “re-live” a moment in TIME, meeting that little girl or that little boy that you were, but still very much alive, somewhere…And the thing is , it worked ! The little child of the “Past” is still very “Present”, and to reassure him or her with your ( Present and grown-up ) tender words, can work a miracle indeed. That of transformation and healing. I guess that the effect of this in your Present was very gratefully felt, as it should be. In episodes of Past Life Regression, one can even go further, further BACK, beyond the separation of Birth-Rebirth, and Death. And be again who we were in the distant Past. Because we ARE ( still very much alive in ) the PAST. More than that, if we stretch our thinking a bit, we will come to the realization that we are absolutely every one who ever lived in the Past, WE ARE OUR ANCESTORS. I am you, and you are me. I was you, you were me. How come ? Because of the logical law of Multiplicity. If I was him and her during the last century, and him again in the 17th century, and her in the 14th century, and him in the 6th century, etc, and you as well were him and her,  my neighbor, and my husband, and my sister, my child, and I was yours, your child, and also your father….Etc, etc,  you get the picture. We were every one. WE ARE ALL ONE PERSON. And do not forget, that these ANCESTORS, similarly to the child of your childhood, are still very much alive. And can be encountered, …at any TIME . They are us ! We are them. Hence the concept of Multidimensional TIME. Beside that, next, it is not stupid to think the concept of FUTURE in very similar terms. As I came to the conclusion that we are us in the Future. WE ARE GOD  (!). God is us in the Future. With regard to our immense and century old reverence for this very singular and outstandingly perfect being we call GOD. HE/SHE (THEY !) could be us in the future, which would explain all these callings and fascination. Think about it, it makes sense. In India, Gods and Goddesses are represented at times with multiple heads. There you go. So we move but REALITY does not. TIME is what restricts us on Earth , but TIME is somewhat an illusion. Perhaps a useful illusion, a precious tool, ( as everything else is ),  for that what we are all about. While we are here. And we are THE HEAVENS, that I mentioned above, that have the entire perspective on TIME and SPACE. I know, ( a bit far fetched ? ), this is why I called it :  ” new philosophy”. If you have found all this a wee bit complex so far, wait for this  next one : TIME, as we know it, is made of many simultaneous WHEELS that are turning, and some are turning CLOCK WISE, and some are turning ANTI CLOCK WISE, ( I study this more at length in my second book, on FRACTALS, see my profile on the other page ), it depends on which dimension you are in, as the passage between a dimension always involves a phenomena of REVERSAL. Some call it the MIRROR phenomena. Here are some more drawings, my pleasure : img089 POUF ! There is so much to say about this REVERSAL phenomena. After all, we ourselves are made like that. For example, it is well known that the RIGHT side of the brain corresponds to the LEFT side of our body, and that the LEFT side of the brain corresponds to the RIGHT side of our body. Next JANUARY, I intent to write here much more extensively about this subject, about the Law of OPPOSITES and how it influences our lives,  but for now, let’s gather our thoughts and relate all this to the concept of TIME. The MIRROR drawing shows two triangles in REVERSE position. “as above, so below”,  is the ancient adage. but, understand it well, it is …in REVERSE ! ABOVE becomes BELOW, and RIGHT becomes LEFT,  type of thing. Also the Peak becomes the Base, and vice & versa. Why ? Because they could be MIRRORING some STARS… By the way, I just cannot help thinking that the secret of the Pyramids of Egypt lie in this REVERSAL coding, and that in fact, there is a REVERSED Pyramid down under the actual Pyramid, waiting to be excavated. Am I right or am I wrong ? Well,  just food for thought. It would explain the Secret Societies fascination for precious stones, such as DIAMONDS;  diamonds do have this lozenge shape, don’t they ? ( see the COMTE de SAINT GERMAIN story ). Interestingly,  pendulums do have this lozenge shape too, most of the TIME. It would explain also the Secret Societies fascination for REVERSING words and even sentences in their code language. So,  in order to understand the truth beyond the VEIL, I recommend that you start to think every thing in  REVERSE, all that has been imposed on us, the people, as the “positive” truth, so far. This will probably make you able you to fly to another dimension ( well intended also;  have a look at my article : “How to read into a popular cartoon“, below, in this Weblog page. Also, see the TAROT card, THE HANGED MAN, arcane XII, for inspiration ). REVERSE is something that students of Esoteric School are asked to practice. For example, at night, before going to sleep, they are encouraged to recall all the events of the day , but not starting with the early hours of the morning, starting with the latest hours of the day, in REVERSE. Similarly, it is well known that this REVERSE occurrence strikes the poor fellow on the edge of death : his life is recalled to him, speedily, in REVERSE order. And in old days, the old days of religion, it was a serious practice, in the Catholic Church, to do a “General Confession”. A confession of all the sins of one’s life, ( so not the usual  “from my last confession”  list… ),  in REVERSE order. This was traditionally done before a life changing event , such as MARRIAGE, or entry into a Convent, or going into War, or dying. Next, isn’t it striking that in THE MEDIAS at the moment, (well since the last 8 years or so), there have been an intense programming around the theme of THE PAST, BACK, RETURN, (  see illustration below ), ARCHIVES, MEMORY, ANCESTRY, ANNIVERSARY, and the like. Starting with the last decades and going backwards. We seem to be in the 1950s now. It is similar to this Catholic “General Confession” before a life changing event, like a purifying phase, and/or next, somewhat an UNIFYING phase ( the Esoteric meaning of MARRIAGE ), before the start of a new Cycle of TIME. The new cycle starts with the symbol of an EGG. it has almost the same shape as the figure ZERO, purposely ( and also the shape of the female genital “ouverture” from which all earth birth can take place ). It is an in-between place. ( see the symbolism of the VESICA PISCIS, in WIKIPEDIA ). ZERO marks the imperceptible moment of change, a moment sacred to Esotericism called the moment of FISSION, when every thing won’t be the same again. Like a METAMORPHOSIS. ( hence the beloved symbol of the BUTTERFLY ) . From then on, every thing will be in REVERSE. ( Ever wondered why your dreams seem to be the REVERSE of your actual day life ? it is well known that sleep is a little DEATH experience ). Esoterically, this “falling asleep” is DA-AT. Associated with DEATH, sure. ( see my study, below, in this Weblog page, called :” The Qabbalah Tree of life and the Western calendar year” ). THE HIGH PRIESTESS presides, perfectly posed, over this passage, that is like an Abyss, or BLACK HOLE. she is the guardian of the VEIL. The VEIL of the VIRGIN. The HYMEN. A membrane. like the membrane of the chrysalis. At the place of  ZERO, ( see in modern Physics, the new discoveries  about this ZERO point ).  Once this veil is snapped, secrets are revealed, and a new life can take place. In a REVERSE order. so, anyway, this REVERSAL phenomena is, in our present days, abundantly enhanced everywhere in the Medias, for two reasons : that one that I have just described above, because we are going through a very important passage, and are now inside an exceptional state of “in-between” two Cycles of TIME. A ZERO state. Numerically, it shows because we are not in the 19 something anymore,  but in the 200 and 20 something. Till 2111 ! A long ZERO Period. img018 This is why there have been big  WHEELS turning in the big Capitals of the World. Watch out for more of these Wheels elsewhere…! For instance, what is turning on our Television screens just before the News ?! Also, very interestingly, it all started around 2003, with suddenly the appearance and abundance of images in the shape of an EGG, or ZERO. The OXO cubes adverts ( see below ), are one of the best example of this. And next what happened is that big drama on BIG BROTHER celebrity, -very heated and emotional, that means feeding the energy-,  in 2007. And it all started with a dispute related to some OXO cubes in the kitchen. Why the commercial name of “OXO cubes” was pronounced at all, when they cover their cans of beer, for instance, in order to avoid clandestine publicity ?! This is how the OXO cubes were advertised during 2005. Notice the EGG shape;  the great “X”;  and the CHAKRA colors. img027 img025 img026 img0281 img029 img030 Much later, after the BIG BROTHER celebrity scandal, I noticed that SUPERMARKETS were not allowed to display their own brands of cubes, and that the OXO  cubes were to be placed, at the center, at the level of the eyes of the customers. It has been like this ever since. Why so much fuss around a little cube, a simple culinary item ? Well, because it is all there : the EGG or ZERO shape, the “X”, and the cubical form. ( cubes have eight edges, squares and lozenges have four edges. There are forms that correspond to the element EARTH. Notice them in the MEDIAS, and in new or old brands, they are in abundance…Even cars are going to get square ! ). And because, precisely, it works like that : very little things, things that are ( too ) common, things apparently unnoticeable, they go directly into the Collective Unconscious without any kind of barrier form us. Is it not the way that the great and ( real !) MAGICIAN, Derren Brown works at all ? have During  that time and after, around 2004 and 2005,  we were also served with plenty images of BABIES. After that, with plenty images of MARRIAGE. Couples in BLACK and WHITE outfits, very much in love…There you go. We have just entered the 21rst Century, haven’t we. Well, check the TAROT Card : THE WORLD, ( or THE UNIVERSE ), it is number 21, and the Androgynous central figure, is represented inside a…big EGG ! Incidentally, an Androgynous is both male and female, so at the center of the great “X” and reconciling all differences. Like a Sacred MARRIAGE. Coming back to the presence of turning WHEELS in our environment, the second reason is that we are moving from the SAGITTARIUS / GEMINI Period into the new CAPRICORN / CANCER Period, in the context of the grand new AQUARIUS Era. ( by the way, I want to clarify here, that the Aquarian Man of AQUARIUS is a Water Pourer, and not a Water Bearer. Sure, “AQUA” means Water in Latin, but AQUARIUS is an Air Sign, and as such, we see him actually pouring down the Water of PISCES, like this : aquariusbg img093 215px-aquarius2 showimage1 img094 Moreover, this below, does not indicate Water, or Water Waves, but they are signs of vibration or oscillation related to Energy, especially New Energy : a Television, a Radio, a Micro Wave, a Mobile Phone, a Computer,  are few good examples;  there are so many more, known and unknown, elaborate and very clever, as AQUARIUS will typify, and all ready has, High New Technology, Science, Chemistry, Quantum Physics, Nuclear Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, any thing and everything that will propel us into an entire new conception of Matter, Time, Energy and Space. Notice that all these High Tech devices  function at the present TIME with Electricity, but this might change in the future : 50px-aquariussvg I so do envision a Wireless future. There you go. And what explains the amount of flood disasters in many parts of the World, between 2000 and 2010, is Uranus and Neptune in a very strong “Mutual Reception” placement during those years. Which means that Uranus was in Pisces. And Neptune was in Aquarius). So, what is this SAGITTARIUS / GEMINI and new  CAPRICORN / CANCER Period ? Well I have discovered a new cycle of TIME that is relatively unknown. One that covers about 90 years. ( my -big !- first book is devoted entirely and extensively to this discovery ). It goes like that : we were in a LIBRA / ARIES Period between 1740 and 1830. We were in a SCORPIO / TAURUS Period between 1830 and 1920. We were in a SAGITTARIUS / GEMINI Period between 1920 and 2010. And we are now moving into a CAPRICORN / CANCER Period that will last between 2010 and 2100. ( these are just few examples, it covers all historical TIMES, back to the first Century AD ). The United States of AMERICA is SAGITTARIUS. ( EUROPE is GEMINI, therefore, its opposite and complementary; GEMINI is an AIR sign; BELGIUM is GEMINI ). Interestingly, JUDAISM is on this polarity GEMINI / SAGITTARIUS. CHINA is CAPRICORN. ( AFRICA is CANCER, its opposite and complementary; CANCER is a WATER sign ). Interestingly, ISLAM is on this polarity CAPRICORN / CANCER. SCOTLAND and SWITZERLAND are also CAPRICORN. Also the NORDIC countries and the ARCTIC, and the ANTARCTICA. And so much more. But this should give you a good starting clue in understanding the Present and Past affairs of the World. Let me just give you some key words related to SAGITTARIUS : travel / movement  / impulsion / migration / expansion / the WEST / extreme / forward / the goal / the road / the path / the tree / the book / DISCIPLESHIP / higher studies / higher education / synthesis  /  justice and the Law / judgement  and discernment  /  righteousness / mercy / heroism /  benevolence / providence / inclusiveness / lavishness / abundance / freedom / protection  / confidence / optimism / the “ultimate truth” / belief / trust / faith / what is Baroque  / pomposity / quantity and prosperity and growth  : all that is bigger, better, higher…Etc. The SAGITTARIUS color is Navy Blue. The SAGITTARIUS animal is THE HORSE, also, somewhat, the DOG. The element is FIRE. It works in union with the Signs of ARIES and LEO. The number is SEVEN and NINE. Now you are with me. Some key words related to CAPRICORN : stability / solidity / structure / prudence / perseverance / resilience (“resilient”, Latin : leaping back !) / old age / longevity / bones and the skeleton, the spine, ( hence, the BACK img019 /  Ancestry and Antiquity / the PAST / tradition  / memories / attachment  / solitariness / privacy / seclusion / walls / limitation / sparsity / infertility / severity / stoicism / austerity / trial / cold and asceticism / purity / honesty / self-control / perfection / MASTERSHIP and INITIATION  /  balance / respect / honor / discretion / restraint and restriction / bareness /  what is Minimalism / quality / exclusiveness  / TIME ( this is the answer to the BIG BROTHER House mystery Clocks ! ) / the NORTH  / the mountain / the top / the summit / the rock / the stone ,…Etc.

The pope Saturn hat

The Pope Saturn hat

saturn-hat You can see that it is quite REVERSE to SAGITTARIUS somewhat. ( As, in ASTROLOGY, all succeeding signs display a kind of REVERSE quality to each previous signs ). The CAPRICORN color is Grey, like in Lead or Silver, and also White, bearing in mind that White plus Black make Grey. The CAPRICORN animal is THE GOAT. The element is EARTH. It relies upon the Signs of  TAURUS and VIRGO. The number is EIGHT and  TEN. img020 This is only just touching.  This “X” in a CUBE, can also be seen as a Summit, a Top, a Peak, such as the Top of a Pyramid. A place of INITIATION. And why the folded arms , it means ten or the great “X”, and these folded arms are also a simplified representation of an INITIATIC gesture, well known in Esoteric Schools.

Yin and Yang according to Time

Yin and Yang according to Time

The YIN and YANG symbol is there because it is an Alliance, or MARRIAGE, ( very LIBRA ) between the masculine and the feminine. It is very CHINESE and JAPANESE – incidentally, when in CAPRICORN, the solar HOUSE X is in LIBRA – Scales, Balance, Equilibrium, etc. It is also very ISLAMIC, as one cannot help to notice the shape of the DOMES, like the woman Breast, and of  the MINARETS, or erected tall Towers, like the  man Phallus.

A Mosque in Istambul

The Mosque in Astana, Kazakhstan

The women are generally in Black, when the men are generally in White. The ARABS have inherited the reputation of being of all time the best ARCHITECTS in the World. No wonder the FREEMASONS call their “God”, the GREAT ARCHITECT of the universe. ( something to do with the legendary Temple of Salomon, of course ). And their Temple floors are a display of Black and White slabs, like in most Western Cathedrals and Churches, Monasteries and High Schools, Town Halls,…etc, “comme par hasard”.  And you do remember the Medieval stories recounting epic struggles between Black Knights and White Knights. ( what is the color of the Chess Board ?! ). See the King ARTHUR stories, and more recently, THE LORD OF THE RINGS stories, and of course, HARRY POTTER; there is always a “White” ( light, innocent, pure, protected, chosen, benevolent )  against a “Black”,  ( dark, ugly, cursed, evil, rejected, destructive ) somehow. We are still served with these tales that function only on division and separation, ( very GEMINI, see the TAROT Card  : THE DEVIL XV ). We do not believe in Heaven and Hell any more, or… do we ?! like that ? Well , not only there are every where to be seen in the MEDIAS since 2005 or so, but they do show an With the figure EIGHT, one can see the place of PASSAGE, just as well. Notice that this passage indicates as well the meeting of the East with the West,  as there are many levels of interpretation. img022 It is like one CELL that has just divided in order to make TWO new identical CELLS. Some Martial Art technics use this shape in order to induce better “SHI” energy. Here, we can see the Hour Glass again, of course. And every one knows that the CHINESE decided to start the Olympic Games at 8.00 pm. on the 8th of AUGUST ( the eight month of the year in the West ),  2008. The explanation we were given is that the number EIGHT, in CHINA, is quite a sacred and potent number. ( how do they represent this number in their Calligraphy ? Is not this number 8 from an Arabic origin ?! Talking about numbers, in Numerology,  B, K, T,  are important because any two of them make FOUR,  ( FOUR is EARTH : as TAURUS / VIRGO / CAP. We recognize this in the name of Tony Blair ) ; D, M, V,  are FOUR letters.  H, Q, Z,  are EIGHT letters. Interestingly, if you add up that way the letters of the name  :  David Cameron,  you find 55 which is TEN. ( a Conservative Prime Minister for a new conservative Period : CAPRICORN ).  And, he was born on the 9th of October 1966, a date which adds up to alternatively :  41 or 104. It works like this :

A   B   C   D    E    F   G   H    I

1   2   3    4    5    6   7   8    9

J   K   L   M   N    O   P   Q    R

1   2   3    4    5    6   7   8    9

S   T   U    V   W   X   Y   Z

1   2   3    4    5    6   7   8

Now, the two drawings below show how, taking SCORPIO / TAURUS and SAGITTARIUS / GEMINI as examples, the Periods of 90 years succeed each other, and this is not quite Mathematical : img092 As when one Period declines and ends, another, simultaneously somewhat, starts and grows. It is the same as life, isn’t it ? When our old people decline and die, our young people are growing. Alternatively, one can see it like this : img078 What is the decline of a Period ? When things go OTP, ( Over The Top, too much, too extreme ). And this related to what the  actual Sign represents. For example, OTP LIBRA, an AIR sign ruled by VENUS, would be related to appearances, elegance, romance, ladies, MARRIAGE, refinement, sophistication, politeness, graciousness and the like. By the way, LIBRA is currently the House X of the World, and this explains why there are so many Women in Politics and high professional Posts. OTP SCORPIO, with his traditional Ruler, MARS, the God of WAR, and his more recent Ruler, PLUTO, the God of the underworld, would be related to war, conflict, death, and destruction, also psychological manipulation, Esotericism, Spiritualism, espionage and undercover work, investigational efforts, ( like in the books of Agatha Christie ! ), etc. When one knows that GERMANY is ARIES and RUSSIA is SCORPIO, it leaves you with food for thoughts.( how did THE SECOND WORLD WAR ended, and thanks to who and why and how…?! ).  OTP SAGITTARIUS, with his Ruler, the huge JUPITER, would be related to growth, expansion, impulsion, INDULGENCE, liberty, ( in the sense of  “taking too much liberty” ), grandeur, confidence, optimism, travel, transport, philosophy, belief, religion, idealism. And the WEST because AMERICA is so Western. In that perspective, the best Policy of OBAMA will be to back out, in a humble way. And to work towards Peace and RECONCILIATION in a very eloquent but diplomatic way. Some women will play an important part during his Presidency. What about the Future ? Well, the Future promises to be very interesting, because when the austere and purifying CAPRICORN / CANCER Period will end, around 2100 onwards ( which, remember, is about to take place now in the context of the AQUARIUS Era, and not in the context of the PISCES Era, because the later is gone now ). So expect something unusually airy, detached, delicate, light. and fraternal, universal, and not confusing, painful, misleading, emotional, psychological, any more )… …. We shall move into a new AQUARIUS / LEO Period in the context of the grand AQUARIUS Era. This is why I say that we shall…fly ! So let me try to describe how TIME will be during this AQUARIUS / LEO Period : Multidimensional, very spacious (!) that’s for sure, Cosmic, Virtual, light ( in both sense of the word ), bright, ( in both sense of the word ), high,  impartial, detached, Ethereal, Parallel, for ever changeable, randomnic, ( as in “random-access” ), crazy, ( in the best sense of the word ), constantly re-inventive…Etc. It will be about the end of the illusion of the mind. That is the end of the movement, the movement that is linear and logic and two dimensional. The movement that says : from this to that, or that says : you and me, them and us, this and me. The end of separation., division, and dichotomy. We shall experience an immense CO-CREATIVE PHENOMENA OF THE ETERNAL NOW. Worlds within worlds, spontaneously, simultaneously, in perfect synchronicity, one and all at the same time, instantaneously, multiple and single. POUF ! ( see the amazing books of JANE ROBERTS, where “SETH speaks”,  for more inspirational guidance. And also, in the domain of ASTROLOGY,  the very good book of  E. ALAN MEECE  :  “Horoscope For The New Millennium” ). I leave you with these very lofty thoughts. Take your TIME to recover. You may want to visit : “PLATO’S CHARIOT ANALOGY” on the Web. Take care.

An Hourglass

An Hourglass

A Clock with wings

A Clock with wings

PS : WB posted this Answer at Y/A : “Some sub-atomic particles can exist in two places at the same time. One spot traveling forward in time, while the other is going back in time. “In a universe that has no beginning and no end, anything that can happen, will happen”.

The QABBALAH Tree of Life and the Western calendar year Monday, Nov 24 2008 

The Qabbalah Tree with the months of the year ( Click on the Drawing to see it full size )

As we are moving towards Christmas, at the time I am writing, and towards our Western end of the year, here is the promised study of the Qabbalah Tree related to the calendar months.

I find it quite fascinating that all the months of the year that we are so familiar with are based on the Qabbalah Tree, with the subsequent influence on our minds, as Westerners.

If we do start the New Year in MARCH, ( and NOT in JANUARY ),  as ROSICRUCIANS  and many other Esoteric Societies do, then it makes sense that :

DECEMBER is the 10th month,

NOVEMBER is the 9th month,

OCTOBER is the 8th month,

SEPTEMBER is the 7th month.

and AUGUST and JULY would be then the 6th and the 5th months,

5 – 6, like TIPHARETH, which is ruled by the SUN, as the Star Sign LEO (23 july – 22 august) is !


JUNE  the 4th month,

MAY the 3rd month,

APRIL the 2nd month,

MARCH the 1srt month.

Next, we can see something appearing clearly on the Tree of Life, like this :

  • DEC
  • 10-1
  • the Month of the Birth of CHRIST :
  • KETHER .

  • NOV
  • 9-2
  • the Sephirath of the  MAGUS :

  • OCT
  • 8-3
  • the Month of the Mother of CHRIST :
  • BINAH .

  • SEPT
  • 7-4
  • the MERCIFUL and its CONTEMPLATIVE number 7 :
  • CHESED .

  • AUG
  • 5-6
  • the central brilliant STAR of :

  • JULY
  • 6-5
  • the JUSTICE and SEVERITY of :

  • JUNE
  • 4-7
  • the VENUSIAN and ARTISTIC Sephirath of :

  • MAY
  • 3-8
  • the strong INTELLECT and INTELLIGENCE of :
  • HOD .

  • 2-9
  • the IMAGINATIVE world of :
  • YESOD .

  • 1-10
  • from where our “ASCENSION”or “RETURN” starts :
  • MALKUT .

It is even clearer if we go from the 21th (approx.) of one Month to the 21th (approx.) of the next, like this :

  • 10-1
  • 22 december-19 january
  • Houses 9 and 10 .

  • 9-2
  • 22 november-21 december
  • Houses 8 and 9 .

  • 8-3
  • 23 october-21 november
  • Houses 7 and 8 .

  • 7-4
  • 23 september-22 october
  • Houses 6 and 7 .

  • 6-5
  • 23 august-22 september
  • Houses 5 and 6 .

  • 5-6
  • 23 july-22 august
  • Houses 4 and 5 .

  • 4-7
  • 21 june-22 july
  • Houses 3 and 4 .

  • HOD
  • 3-8
  • 21 may-20 june
  • Houses 2 and 3 .

  • 2-9
  • 20 april-20 may
  • Houses 1 and 2 .

  • 1-10
  • 21 march-19 april
  • Houses 12 and 1.

Not forgetting that the Tree of Life movement for understanding is :

UP and DOWN, and RIGHT and LEFT.

Next, comes the most fascinating bit : what about JANUARY and FEBRUARY ?

Well, I thought immediately of DA-AT, the great ABYSS, the place of “PASSAGE”, a sacred and hidden place. THE HIGH PRIESTESS, vigilant and perfectly posed, presides over this passage. She sits behind and beyond “THE VEIL”. She is crowned like the Goddess HATHOR, and is sometimes seen with a crescent MOON at her feet. She represents the MYSTERIES.

In English DEATH  is a word spelled very close to DA-AT. In the Western North Hemisphere, nature is going through a hidden passage where life seems to fade away and die. It feels like a silence, an icy cold silence…One can understand this as a deep sleep, where transformation occurs in a space unknown called sometimes THE ZERO FIELD…It is correlative to the EMBRYONIC state. And esoterically linked with